Tesla FCC filings hint at ultra-wideband support for seamless, extra-safe vehicle access



Records filed with the Federal Communications Commission have hinted that Tesla may be seeking to utilize ultra-wideband (UWB) technology for its vehicles, being among the first automakers to do so. UWB, a technology that technology giants like Apple and Samsung have been developing, would allow automobile owners to unlock their automobiles without yanking their cellular device from their pocket. 

Tesla submitted six new products for the FCC’s no consideration on September 9th. These products included two important fobs, a safety control, and lots of “endpoints” that would be set up within the framework and cottage of a car or truck. At least one among these products were specifically recorded to support UWB communicating

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There are many notable aspects in Tesla’s FCC filings. Tesla included a total operational outline of the technology, which demonstrated that it plans to embrace a standards-based execution of ultra-wideband engineering. This, to a point, suggests that UWB technology from devices like Apple and Samsung tablets ought to be compatible, at least theoretically. The technology is likewise designed to let users understand how far away one is from their automobile. 

As noted in a report by The Verge, that “ranging” could be crucial in assisting prevent replay attacks, which could trick a Tesla into thinking its key fob is closer than it actually is. That is a stage of assault that’s been exploited by security researchers before, some of whom managed to obtain access to a Tesla from spoofing the car ’s key fob system. Tesla’s security features for example PIN to Drive were a response to these attacks. UWB can also support other applications, like finding a car in a crowded parking lot. 

Allowed, Tesla’s FCC figures don’t supply a guarantee that ultra-wideband technology is indeed coming into its vehicles. But it ought to be noted that FCC documents are usually a great indication that a company is fairly severe in rolling out new technology, with filings at times getting one of a item ’s closing waypoints until it reaches the marketplace. 

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