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Tesla finds target area for Giga Berlin’s tree replanting initiatives


Tesla CEO Elon Musk’therefore promise to replant twice as many trees because his firm will eliminate in Germany is starting to take shape. Tesla has reportedly found the regions where it’s plant trees to replace the ones that are cut down for the building of Giga Berlin at Grünheide, Germany.

The company is going to replant trees but the largest areas of property in which the replanting is going to be held have reportedly been selected. As stated by the Brandenburg Area Agency and also rbb24, those regions have been Brandenburg an der Havel (located 64 kilometers of Giga Berlin), Baruth/Mark (located 41.6 kilometers from Grünheide) and Bad Saarow (located 20.8 miles in the Giga Berlin site).

Half of those trees which Tesla will plant have to be deciduous, according to agencies. They want to focus on trees which have significance environmentally. This differs in the pine trees now inhabiting that the Giga Berlin complex, which are intended to be used for industrial cardboard manufacturing.

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The Brandenburg Area Agency requested the replacement trees be spread over the Brandenburg region instead of one area. Tesla obliged.

Tesla began removing trees in the 90 hectares of property on January 6. The procedure was fulfilled with some speed bumps. Not only was that the company necessary to have the first tree removal phase completed by February 27 because of the bird breeding period that occurs in early March, but its existence has been met with protests from some regional residents.

After clarifying a few of the concerns that the building of Giga Berlin would have on the property and neighborhood taxpayers, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated the corporation will be favorably affecting the environment. “Giga Berlin will build energy vehicles employing energy, so net environmental effect will be positive he said on Twitter.

For sure. Giga Berlin will build energy vehicles employing sustainable energy, so net environmental effect will be positive!

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 25, 2020

Interestingly , Conservation Officer Axel Heinzel-Berndt stated that the automaker would have a tough time locating sufficient or proper territory to replace the trees they would have to reduce.

“It is going to be tricky to discover arable land with this scale. Nevertheless, it is also conceivable that, rather, species-poor pine forest is converted into mixed forest,’ he explained in an interview with taz.de. This dilemma has evidently been cleared up and will no longer be a worry to local environmentalists.

The German Forest Protection Association has also given Tesla their acceptance. They think that the removal of the forest might be a good thing since Tesla has offered the compensation” with trees which are better suited to sustainability and environmental impact in the long term.

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