Tesla FSD Beta breezes through parking lot torture test



Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta continues to be tested to its limits thanks to owners who are proving the effectiveness of the semi-autonomous driving software. While many videos show Tesla cars operating without driver intervention in a multitude of scenarios on public roads, the FSD Beta is proving to be effective in private areas too, including residential parking lots at apartment complexes.

A new video from Model 3 owner and FSD Beta user James Locke shows the effective use of the self-driving software in a private parking lot. However, this isn’t just an everyday, normal parking lot. Outfitted with various parking bays, speed bumps, sharp turns, and awkwardly-parked vehicles, the FSD Beta had its work cut out for it. Still, it had relatively no issues working through the different scenarios.

Locke described the site of the video as a “busy residential parking area.” This was a fairly accurate assessment considering the number of cars that were positioned around the FSD-operating Tesla. But navigating around parked cars is something that previous versions of FSD have had little to no issue with. Pack in some speed bumps and turns, and the lot goes from parking spaces to a torture chamber for the Model 3 and its semi-autonomous software capability.

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However, the newly released software had relatively no problems making it through the lot. The impressive nature of the Model 3’s performance is relatively evident in the video, as Locke didn’t seem to need to guide the car at any point. While the Beta has been impressive in other videos, it is still a work in progress, and the car continues to advise users to keep their hands on the wheel in case of an emergency.

Nevertheless, the FSD Beta has proven over the past week that it is perfectly capable of handling some extremely challenging scenarios. While many people were impressed with its performance on main roads, navigating through a residential lot could be where the software really shows its value. With many lots offering obstacles such as stationary vehicles, speed bumps, pedestrians, and other obstacles alike, there are many dangers in these spaces. Teslas must act confidently yet cautiously in these areas to improve the overall effectiveness of FSD.

Tesla has put a major focus on improving the performance of its FSD software through the development of “Dojo,” a 4-dimensional training program for Autopilot. The evolution of the company’s self-driving software has come full circle into developing an improving infrastructure for its cars that will increase the accuracy of operation. With the FSD software finally being released to some members of the community, Tesla is getting its first glimpses of how its software is operating in a wide array of conditions.

Currently, the Beta is only available to a handful of individuals that were selected by the automaker. However, a more widespread rollout is expected in the coming months, with an eventual wide-release taking place near the end of the year.

Let us know what you think of the FSD Beta in the comments or on Twitter. If you have any videos of the Beta that you’re willing to share with us, let us know!

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