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Tesla Gigafactory 4 protestors in focus following recent “Forest Walk” demonstration


A spokesperson from the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) of Brandenburg has responded to concerns that arose from protests about January 12 at the future website of Tesla Gigafactory 4.

The “Forest Walk” was constituted of approximately 50 taxpayers of Grünheide who opposed Tesla’s existence in the German city. Those who attended the demonstration felt they were not given enough recognition from the decision to permit Tesla to build a production plant at a woods that is local could have negative environmental implications.

@GF4Tesla on Twitter was able to reach members of NABU to inquire what they felt about the protests. Spokesperson Friedhelm Schmitz-Jersch states that he believes it is essential for local taxpayers to be more both recognized and involved in the project.

Schmitz-Jersch also stated his organization has been involved in the preparation of Gigafactory 4 because its announcement in November 2019. They are examining documents including Tesla’s Environmental Impact Report that was released. This document explained Tesla’s intends to defend the wildlife that requires for the 300-hectare property “home. ”

Met the ' State Board of NABU Brandenburg ' (Nature Conservation Association)” to involve the citizens in the project is very important””No groundwater is taken from the factory site”NABU is analyzing the records and was involved in the procedure of Nov. 2019. pic.twitter.com/g5bHpt0HR2

— #Gf4 #Gigafactory4 (@Gf4Tesla) January 15, 2020

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Tesla has stated that they are going to have the initial procedure of removing trees from the website completed by February 27 to obey the bird breeding period that begins on March 1.

One of the issues the protesters were most vocal about had to do at the website and drinking water. To alleviate problems that arise from trying to construct a structure Tesla believes this issue could be alleviated with the accession of a underground water pump. The protestors claim the area may be dried by this and might allow it to be prone to wildfires from the drier seasons of the year.

Grünheide inhabitants and Tesla alike have experienced multiple problems of drinking water in the 19, with the amount. Before Tesla selected the area because its preferred place for Gigafactory 4, residents of the town were experiencing a drought of drinking water. They claim that Tesla’s existence in the area can make this issue worse. “If a huge consumer is currently added by Tesla, it will be more difficult,” protestor Steffen Schorcht stated.

Tesla has taken multiple steps to secure drinking water for every one of its three construction stages. The business has recognized that they will need to acquire clean water in an outside source as production ramps up into the ultimate objective of 500,000 cars annually . The amount of water currently in Grünheide is simply not enough to supply a suitable amount of clean water for drinking to its employees.

Tesla intends to get the mill ready to go by July 2021. While this group of taxpayers has voiced their discontent with the mill, German politicians have recognized the positives that Tesla will bring into the nation ’s economy. German Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier has stated that if Tesla were to not be present in Germany, it may be a detrimental decision that could negatively influence all of Germany.

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