Tesla Gigafactory Berlin final permits poised to be issued in four weeks: report



Following the holidays, the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin site has returned to full operations, together with work on the complicated being conducted around the clock. Amidst those actions, reports out of a veteran German press outlet has suggested that the last licenses for Gigafactory Berlin might be issued in about four weeks. 

So far, the building of Gigafactory Berlin was accomplished via the use of provisional individual licenses, allowing the electric vehicle manufacturer to construct segments of the upcoming Model Y center. Under this system, every step of the centre ’s construction had to be checked and approved by the Brandenburg State Environment Agency. The installation worked for the most part, even although it also started the project to numerous flaws. 

No more Christmas and New Year's remainder on the GIGABERLIN building Website! As of Monday, the workers will be working around the clock again. According to press information, the last working permit can be issued in 4 weeks. https://t.co/XKTtPbezLj pic.twitter.com/vHUs5iDRGK

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Fortunately, it seems that it would not be too long until the last licenses for Gigafactory Berlin are procured by the electric vehicle manufacturer. According to information collected by veteran news agency B.Z., an endorsement for the Giga Berlin project under the Federal Immission Control Act ought to come around the end of January at the beginning of February. 

“I assume that the State Environment Agency may bring the process to an end immediately,” Brandenburg Environment Minister Axel Vogel commented. 

Vogel included”I assume that the State Environmental Agency will bring the procedure to a speedy conclusion”

— Alex (@alex_avoigt) January 4, 2021

Interestingly enough, it looks like the current suits brought against Gigafactory Berlin’s construction ended up accelerating the approval process for the electric car mill. “Basically, the environmental associations did us a big favor. Because from the conclusion, the court affirmed that the positive prediction for the last approval is likely. That’s why I look ahead to the further process with assurance,” Vogel added. 

Gigafactory Berlin is pivotal to Tesla’s growth plans from the European region, together with the electric vehicle manufacturer looking to begin Model Y manufacturing on site sometime this year. CEO Elon Musk also revealed that the Germany-based facility will feature a battery cell manufacturing plant that will be capable of producing 100 GWh of batteries annually , over double the power of Gigafactory Nevada now. 

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