Tesla in discussion for major investment in Indonesia, a key nickel producer: report



Reports have emerged suggesting that Indonesia’therefore government has entered historical discussions with American electric automobile maker Tesla about a potential big investment from the country, which has been a gigantic producer of nickel. The upgrade was related by an Indonesian government official, who shared the data with news bureau Reuters

In an announcement to the book, Ayodhia Kalake, a senior official in Indonesia’s Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment, noted the Tesla had reached out to the government on a possible venture. Kalake didn’t offer the particulars of Tesla’s communication, though he did mention the electric automobile maker reached out to Indonesia informally. 

“It was an early discussion and wasn’t detailed yet. We want further discussion with Tesla,” he explained.  Tesla, for its part, has remained very silent about its documented contact with the Indonesian government. 

(Credit: Tesla)

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While the specifics of Tesla’s mentioned efforts to potentially engage in a venture in Indonesia continue to be unknown now, a partnership with the country would probably benefit the electric automobile maker. Indonesia is thought of as a giant in the nickel industry, after all, even with all the country boasting 25 percent of the world’s nickel resources

Securing a venture in Indonesia might be considered by Tesla as a means to strengthen its battery supply chain to a noteworthy degree. Such efforts might very well be a tactical move from the electric automobile maker, visiting as Indonesia has ceased exports of unprocessed nickel ore to encourage investments in its domestic sectors. 

Indonesia has been rather active on the nickel production front. Just last month, Indonesia said that it had secured a deal to assemble a lithium battery plant in the country with South Korean company LG Chem and Chinese company China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd (CATL). Interestingly enough, both LG Chem and CATL are present battery partners for Tesla. Recent reports have even hinted the American electric automobile maker is seeking to acquire a 10% stake at LG Chem when it has spun off to its own business, LG Energy Solution. 

Tesla Gigafactory Nevada battery mobile production line (Credit: Super Factories)

Tesla’s Battery Day has shown that the organization is intent on creating a powerful battery production system. During its presentation, Tesla revealed that the business will be pursuing a diversified cathode approach for its broad selection of electric vehicles and energy storage products. High-nickel batteries are designed to be used in the company’s ambitious products, such as the Class 8 Tesla Semi and the futuristic Cybertruck. The substance is also a vital component for the organization ’therefore nickel-manganese batteries, which are predicted to be used for long range electric vehicles such as the Model Y and Model X. 

Tesla’s focus on nickel was made evident during the second-quarter earnings call, when Elon Musk encouraged miners across the sector to provide as much nickel as they could. Musk noted that miners could expect “giant” contracts using Tesla provided their nickel was produced in an efficient and environmentally-conscious method. So far, many nickel miners have answered Tesla’s telephone, such as Canada’s Giga Metals and Brazil’therefore Vale SA.  

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