Tesla in talks with Maharashtra Industry Minister for India production plant



Tesla is reportedly in talks to open a production plant within the State of Maharashtra, according to the state’s Industries Minister Subhash Desai.

Desai said during a Wednesday conference that “Tesla is eager to start a retail outlet for the sale of its electric vehicles in Maharashtra.” Additionally, Desai added that the company is planning to begin discussions regarding a new manufacturing facility in Maharashtra, as speculation regarding its production factory’s final location continues to develop. FreePressJournal provided the quote from Desai.

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In mid-February, Teslarati reported that Tesla would establish a production facility in Karnataka, a state located in India’s southwest region. This was according to Chief Minister B. S. Yediyurappa, who said:

“American firm Tesla will open an electric car manufacturing unit in Karnataka.”

Yediyurappa was the first politician to come forward, claiming that Tesla had finalized the location of the factory. Still, Tesla has not outlined an exact location for its facility yet, and Ministry of Corporate Affairs documents indicate that the company has its set registered address in Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka.

Credit: India Ministry of Corporate Affairs

However, Desai is adamant that Tesla has not finalized its production facility in Karnataka and that talks are still ongoing.

Earlier today, he said (via The Hindu):

“I want to clarify that Tesla has not opened its production unit in Karnataka. It has begun building its retail outlet and administrative office there. We have been informed that a similar outlet will be opened in Mumbai soon. Based on the response to its e-vehicles, Tesla will finalize its production unit plan in India. The State government is discussing possibilities of the company opening the unit in Maharashtra.”

According to the report, Tesla also spoke to Desai regarding the industry-friendly environment in Maharashtra and said that it was positive about the region’s acceptance of a production facility. Desai also assured the automaker that a council would be established looking to provide any assistance if the construction begins. In Germany, where Tesla’s Giga Berlin production plant is being set up, it has had several roadblocks. Many of them have been solved through the help of local politicians like Jörg Steinbach and Peter Altmaier, who have been supportive of Tesla’s project in the country.

Tesla has been rumored to be entering the Indian market for several years, and Elon Musk seems ready to get the ball rolling in the region. For years, Indian politicians and fans of the automaker have pleaded with Musk to enter the market. Musk has said on several occasions that it will occur in 2021, and developments continue to indicate that it will be the case moving forward.


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