Tesla introduces Sentry mode following break-ins



Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has launched a brand new Sentry mode because of the entry level car, the Model 3, in order to better curb tried theft and break-ins. This will be implemented to Model S and S Model X units built after August 2017.

Sentry mode intends to give another layer of protection, based on Tesla, by constantly monitoring the automobile ’s immediate environment when it’s left unattended. Upon entering Standby mode, the Model 3 uses its outside cameras to detect possible threats.

If it detects a minimum threat, like a person leaning on the car, Sentry style goes into an alarm state which shows warning on its touchscreen that cameras are still recording. If a severe threat – such as the breaking up of a window – can be found, the car goes into an alarm state which seems the automobile ’s alarm, plays audio via the car’s sound system in full volume, along with center screen brightness is increased.

In case the alarm condition is triggered, the owner will receive an alert to their Tesla mobile program notifying them of an event. They can then download a movie recording that starts 10 minutes prior to a detected threat, although this necessitates the insertion of a formatted USB drive to the car prior to allowing Sentry mode.

This includes after dozens of break-ins had been reported by Model 3 owners on networking and respective forums, based on Electrek. The majority of these break-ins happened in the San Fransisco Bay Area, California, in which targeted cars have their rear side windows broken because thieves have discovered the Model 3 had no detector to detect window breakage.

Normally the rear quarter window has been broken to fold the rear seat and watch into the boot, along with the thief then breaks the major rear door window to access the boot in case valuables are located.

The article Tesla presents Sentry mode after break-ins appeared initially on Paul Tan's Automotive News.

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