Tesla is building a Solar Roof testing structure in the Fremont factory



A building permit filed by Tesla for the electrical car factory in Fremont, CA has proven that the electric automobile maker is looking to build a structure to appraise its Solar Roof tiles along with their setup procedure. The arrangement ’s permit was issued to Tesla in July.

The description of the project is simple. “Construction of a test structure to assess Tesla Solar Roof product and setup procedure. Fire Sprinklers, Fire Alarm, Truss Design, and Solar Designs are deferred submittals,” Tesla composed. 

The building permit, that was originally cited in a CNBC report, also suggests that Tesla’s growth of its Solar Roof tiles, that have seen remarkable flaws since the item was originally unveiled in October 2016, is moving ahead. It must be noticed that Elon Musk has remained optimistic about the solar power-generating shingles despite those flaws, noting throughout the Model Y unveiling that 2019 will be the “Year of the Solar Roof and Powerwall. ”

A building permit for the Fremont mill ’s Solar Roof testing structure.

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The flaws in the Solar Roof’s rollout have weighed down the company’s electricity enterprise. According to Tesla in its Q2 Update Letter, the under-utilization of the solar shingles have shown harmful to the company’s margins for the quarter. “Higher prices from temporary production under-utilization of the Solar Roof ramp have further contributed to a decrease in gross profits,” Tesla wrote. 

For Tesla to properly ramp the Solar Roof, the organization would need to boost the production of their shingles in Gigafactory 2, the company’s plant in Buffalo, NY. Thus far, Gigafactory 2’s operations have remained conservative, though the electric automobile maker’s first annual report to New York’s Empire State Development Corp. back in May has shown that it had surpassed its 2019 jobs target for the nation. 

Tesla’s filings stated that the business had 632 full-time employees throughout the end of April, included of 329 workers at Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo and about 300 more across New York. The amount surpassed the state’s demand of owning at least 500 workers in the country by April 30, 2019, though it is still notably much from next year’s target, which necessitates Tesla to employ 1,460 employees in the nation, including at least 500 at Gigafactory 2. If Tesla will indeed ramp the production of the Solar Roof this calendar year, the company would probably begin hiring more workers for the center in the near future. 

Elon Musk, for his part, has remained optimistic for the Solar Roof tiles and their eventual release. At a recent upgrade on Twitter, Musk said that he hopes to ramp Solar Roof production to a speed of roughly ~1,000 per week by the end of 2019. The upgrade immediately incited furor in the company’s skeptics, using some critics alleging that the tweet violated Musk’s upgraded settlement terms with the Securities and Exchange Commission that took effect last April. Despite these strong responses, the SEC’s press office has declined to comment should Musk’s Twitter upgrade broken up the CEO’s compensation with the bureau.

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