Tesla is changing the Cybertruck and will unveil it ‘in a month or so’



Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned recently that the Cybertruck would be undergoing “small improvements” to improve the all-electric pickup’s design. Unknowingly, the Tesla community wondered what could possibly be revised for the company’s soon-to-be-produced truck, but as of now, the revisions are being kept under wraps.

That is for about a month or so, in Elon Musk’s words, who stated on November 1st that Tesla would release some images of the Cybertruck’s newly-revised design to the public. Based on Musk’s past statements, who was responsible for unveiling the Cybertruck to the world a year ago this month, some indicators prove the new design could be better than the initial one.

Size Revisions

It is no secret that the Cybertruck’s design is massive. After rolling out onto the stage at the event in Hawthorne, California, the truck’s size was immediately noticed by anyone who was in attendance or was viewing the unveil online. However, big trucks are no stranger to many automotive markets, especially the one in the United States. Americans love their trucks, but they have to be able to fit in parking spaces, residential garages, and on narrow streets.

After an augmented reality app showed that the Cybertruck would be a tight fit with the normally-sized U.S. home’s garage, Musk told Teslarati that the width of the Cybertruck could likely be reduced by an inch and length by six inches. The revisions would also be advantageous for owners who live in other regions, especially Europe and Asia, where highly-populated areas are filled with narrow and tight roadways.

We can prob reduce width by an inch & maybe reduce length by 6+ inches without losing on utility or esthetics. Min height is below 75 inches when air suspension set to low. Will post exact number soon.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 7, 2019

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Musk’s suggestion on revising the vehicle’s dimensions took place less than a month after the Cybertruck’s unveiling in November 2019. The all-electric pickup dimensions could be set for a reduction to make travel and storage an easier project for an owner, all while not sacrificing cabin room or cargo capacity.

Revisions for improved cargo capabilities

Musk has hinted toward the addition of several redesigns of the Cybertruck that would simply increase the ability to haul large items. One of these is a midgate, which would have the rear window of the Cybertruck roll down to open the cabin and extend it through the truck’s bed. This would be advantageous for construction workers who are hauling long pieces of wood, pipe, or other materials. However, it would also be great for the weekly grocery haul, which can be sizeable with a large family. With plenty of uses, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Musk and Tesla add or revise the rear window’s capabilities just to increase cargo. After all, the CEO said the idea was “worth considering.”

Unique security features

Perhaps Tesla’s Sentry Mode is one of the greatest automotive security features of all-time. However, a thirst for constantly improving infrastructure is always attractive to Tesla, and Musk jokingly stated that a “zapper” would come standard with the Cybertruck. Interestingly, this wasn’t a far-fetched idea because tasers’ use is legal in 49 of 50 U.S. states. It would only improve the security features, but it seems unlikely that the Cybertruck will actually shoot a shock through an intruder’s body.

Tesla’s Elon Musk jokes about Cybertruck taser defense system, but it’s not that far-fetched

Whatever the additions are, Musk knows that the revisions will make the Cybertruck better. During the recent Q3 2020 Earnings Call, Musk talked about other automakers and their desire to revise currently offered models, all to decrease the usefulness and appeal of their cars. “Car companies would unveil these awesome looking cars, like, great. You can’t wait until they make that. And then the car they actually make is like much worse, and — but it’s just — it’s like really disappointing?” Musk said. Knowing that the newly-revealed Cybertruck is just a year away from production, Tesla will likely blow minds once again when the time comes.

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