Tesla is giving away a Model 3 in Pwn2Own hacking contest



Included in Tesla’s efforts to ensure its automobiles remain the safest on the road, the electric vehicle maker is once more opening itself on security researchers. This March, Tesla would be participating as the only automaker at Pwn2Own 2019, also a cybersecurity competition set to be held in Vancouver, Canada. The electric vehicle maker will soon probably be attracting the Model 3 to the event, along with the business is willing to pay high dollar for anybody skilled enough to hack into its latest and most disruptive vehicle up to now.

Pwn2Own is a computer hacking competition held in the CanSec West security conference. The competition, which started in 2007, challenges players to exploit widely used applications and mobile devices for vulnerabilities. Winners of this competition traditionally receive the apparatus they exploited, a money prize, and some exclusive merchandise. Being a player in this year’s Pwn2Own competition, Tesla isn’t any exception. As supported to Teslarati, Tesla would be giving away some free Mid Range RWD Model 3 (currently priced at $44,000 before economies ) to the security researcher who successfully hacks the electric automobile this March.

Several prominent businesses are participating in Pwn2Own 2019, including Microsoft and Oracle. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be surprising when the Model 3 becomes the star of this competition, considering it is potentially the most persuasive goal within this year’s occasion. Nevertheless, David Lau, Vice President of Vehicle Software in Tesla, has stated that the Model 3’s presence in the competition is a means to help the company enhance its products further.

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“We develop our cars with the highest standards of security in every respect, and our work together with the security research community is invaluable to us. Since launch our bug bounty program in 2014 — the first to incorporate a connected consumer car — we have continuously enhanced our investments into partnerships with security researchers to make certain all Tesla owners always benefit from the smartest minds in the community. We anticipate learning , and rewarding, wonderful job in Pwn2Own so we could continue to enhance our goods and our approach to designing inherently secure systems,”” Lau explained.

In a press release, Dragos Ruiu, CanSec West event organizer, notes the list of targets for this year’s Pwn2Own occasion is quite impressive. The organizer further added that the involvement of companies such as Microsoft and Tesla are inspirational.

“It’s inspirational to observe some of now ’s top technology companies taking the initiative to secure their merchandise by leveraging the exceptionally talented minds participating in Pwn2Own. The goal list for the competition is certainly striking, and I’m eager to find out what types of creative answers researchers will demonstrate during the competition,” Ruiu said.

Tesla broke conventions in 2014 when it launched its own Bug Bounty program,  which was the very first to incorporate a connected consumer car. Throughout that time, Tesla’s bounties were quite modest, ranging from between $25 and $1000. Tesla eventually extended the reach of its Bug Bounty program to its automobiles, and through the years, the firm ’s benefits for security researchers also have improved steadily. As of November, Tesla was supplying up to $15,000 to get automobile or product-related vulnerabilities. Products like its own battery storage solutions, such as the Powerwall two, were included in the upgraded Bug Bounty program. 

Tesla’s Bug Bounty software could be credited with lots of security-related attributes for your firm ’s automobiles. Since launch the program, for example, Tesla has released cryptographic validation for its own software and introduced more powerful cryptography for its own vehicles ’ key fobs. Features like PIN-to-Drive, which was made to reduce relay attacks from key fob cloning, were introduced as a result of the efforts of security researchers.

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