Tesla LM Is An Imaginary, Pumped Up, Track-Only Version Of The Second-Gen Roadster



We are living in an era where electric sedans are generating over 1,000 hp and electric hypercars are generating almost 2,000 hp. Of the newest hypercars that are in the works, the Tesla Roadster will be possibly the most expected.

It has been almost three years because the newest Roadster was unveiled as a practical prototype and, although it is still a while off from reaching the manufacturing line, it claims to provide extraordinary performance for $200,000, although its opponents demand up of 10 times that price.

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has confirmed that the Roadster will be available with a ‘SpaceX Package’ that includes cold air thrusters. Even though this will probably end up being the flagship variant of this Roadster, Hakosan Design has opted to render what a potential track-only variant of this upcoming Roadster could look like.

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The very first thing that strikes you about this Roadster, only called the Tesla LM, is the simple fact that it is significantly wider than the conventional vehicle. Therefore, it comes with a pair of swollen arches that home a pair of race-ready wheels with slick tires.

A host of aerodynamic adjustments also have been made. As an instance, there is a notable front splitter and a large grille that funnels out air through an air vent at the hood. The back of this Tesla LM is also incredibly bold, with a towering wing and a gigantic diffuser to help stay the vehicle to the pavement.

Note: This is a different render by Hakosan Design and is Certainly Not related to or endorsed by Tesla

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