Tesla Model 3 batteries show impressive fire resistance despite damage from high-speed crash



A high-speed injury involving a Model 3 crashing into a rod recently provided an impressive appearance in the fire-resistant capabilities of Tesla’s batteries. Despite major damage to the automobile and two of the battery modules being separated from the brutal effect, none of those Model 3’s 2170 cells burst into flame. 

Insights in the Model 3 crash has been shared recently in the r/TeslaMotors subreddit from u/Yaro_S, who rebuilds Tesla cars. Writing about the Model 3, the electrical automobile enthusiast admitted he didn’t anticipate the harm to the vehicle to be as severe as it had been. A look at the damaged vehicle suggested the Model 3 hit a rod at high-speed, forcing the front electrical motor into the driver side’s footwell and puncturing the battery package in the process. 

A damaged Tesla Model 3 battery package. (Photo: Yaro_S/ / Reddit)

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Images of this vehicle as it was being parted out showed that the crash had ruined two of their Model 3’s battery modules. Interestingly, and as detected from the rebuilder, none of the battery cells caught fire regardless of the extensive damage in the high-speed injury. Interestingly, 1 cell showed signs it got into a very warm temperatures, but in lieu of burningoff, the cell seemed to have began melting rather than

The rebuilder noted that the harm into the Model 3’s battery pack was the worst he’s seen in a Tesla thus far, exceeding a prior project that included a bunch that was punctured in the bottom. Overall, while the harm to the vehicle was quite chilling, the r/TeslaMotors subreddit community member remarked he came off extremely impressed in the fire-resistant capabilities of Tesla’s batteries. 

A damaged Tesla Model 3 battery package. (Photo: Yaro_S/ / Reddit)

It’s no exaggeration to state the backbone of Tesla’s whole company lies in its own battery technology, from its own electric cars like the Model 3 into its own energy storage products like the recently-announced Megapack. It’s then unsurprising to view Tesla devote a significant part of its attempts in constantly improving its batteries. This was cited previously by Automotive President Jerome Guillen, who mentioned in a meeting that the layout of Tesla’s cells are always in a procedure for improvement. “The design of the cell isn’t frozen. It evolves, and we have a nice roadmap of technology advancements for the coming years,” Guillen stated. 

A number of Tesla’s improvements to its batteries are teased in formerly published patents. One of them, that was published last July, included a system that lets the firm to isolate the damage brought on by neglected cells into specific sections of a battery package, permitting the company to save the integrity of functional battery cells that are otherwise undamaged.

A damaged Tesla Model 3 battery package. (Photo: Yaro_S/ / Reddit)

H/T Jon Hast.

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