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Tesla Model 3 becomes first squad car for Connecticut police department


The Westport Police Department at Connecticut is adding a Tesla Model 3 to the fleet of squad cars, that can be expected to begin active duty at January 2020. The all-electric sedan will be linking the departsment’s fleet of Ford Explorer police cruisers and currently undergoing fitement of lights, sirenstablets, high-performance tires, along with weapon racks by Whelen Engineering.

Police Chief Foti Koskinas noted that the division ’s decision to add a Model was based on the vehicle’s functionality, five-star crash safety ratings, and advanced collision avoidance technology. He also said that he “thinks being green however, it wasn’t a primary factor in the decision to buy the automobile.

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Even with Tesla’s price point than the division ’s fleet of 37,000 Ford Explorers, Koskinas justified Model 3’s $52,290 price owing to its gas and maintenance savings. The Police Department also plans to put in a charging station in its headquarters. “The Police Department has a petrol pump on its own property, and will be including a Level 2 electrical car charger that can easily recharge the automobile in a few hours so it has a full charge daily. There are also EV chargers open to the general public in Westport locations like the Library, Town Hall, along with both train stations,” Koskinas stated.

Residents of the Westport region are supportive of the Police Department’s decision to add an electric car to its fleet, especially in a town where citizens own more vehicles than any other town in Connecticut.

Multiple police forces from the United States have chosen to utilize Tesla cars for patrol cars. The Fremont Police Department at California, situated near the Tesla Factory, uses a Model S for patrol. Another drive at Bargersville, Indiana has a Model 3 at its own fleet of police vehicles. Spokespeople for the two these police departments noted that the expectation that the automobiles could save on the expense of annual and petrol maintenance, exactly enjoy the Westport PD.

The Westport PD will host an open house for residents to see the Model 3 police cruiser. Officers will be on-site to discuss the advantages of electric vehicles for the department.

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