Tesla Model 3 drive unit production reportedly hits 10k/week amid end-of-Q3 push



Despite facing a lawsuit from the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding his “funding secured” tweet past August, Elon Musk seemed to be in mild spirits on Friday, expressing his attention to the Tesla community for their assistance, at one stage even posting a “Don’t Panic” reminder on his Twitter page. Musk reportedly rallied Tesla’s workers as well, saying that the firm has achieved a remarkable milestone in its ongoing Model 3 ramp — the creation of over 10,000 driveway units in 1 week.

In a series of letters to workers after the release of the SEC’s litigation, Elon Musk allegedly urged Tesla’s workers to pay no attention to distractions. Among many letters, a copy of which was allegedly obtained by Bloomberg, said that Tesla’s Model 3 push team had produced “more than 10,000” units in a specified period. Musk allegedly praised the Tesla group too, urging them to push “one more hardcore weekend” since Q3 nears its closing.

“You’re doing an incredible job. Ignore all of distractions. An additional hardcore weekend and we will be more successful,” Musk wrote.

And recall … pic.twitter.com/UaDUv4OlZf

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 28, 2018

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Even the Model 3’s driveway units are produced in Gigafactory 1, Tesla’s grand centre in Nevada, that can be tasked with the creation of the electrical sedan’s batteries. The update on Gigafactory 1’s 10,000/week Model 3 push unit manufacturing comes amidst news that Tesla’s battery partner Panasonic is planning to complete three new battery cell assembly lines in the centre earlier than anticipated . This was related by Yoshio Ito, head of Panasonic’s automotive industry, who also noticed that the bottlenecks in Gigafactory were primarily due to the Japanese company’s incapability to produce sufficient batteries to meet Tesla’s requirement.

Panasonic’s new battery assembly lines are not the only upgrades put to be installed in Gigafactory 1. Following a tour of the center, analysts from Worm Capital said that Tesla is also expecting the arrival of machines from Grohmann Automation, all of which are made to improve the facility’s production capabilities. During the Gigafactory 1 tour, Tesla head of investor relations Martin Viecha allegedly noticed that the new Grohmann machines would help battery module production turn into “three times faster, and 3 times cheaper. ” The new Grohmann machines are anticipated to be sent to Gigafactory 1 by the end of Q3 or the start of Q4.

Tesla might be on course to produce and send a record number of Model 3 to reservation holders this past quarter, however, the ramp of the car remains only partially complete. Finally, Tesla aims to produce as many as 10,000 units of the electrical sedan each week, including the highly-anticipated $35,000 Standard Range RWD Model 3, that is expected to begin production sometime in 2019. If the emails got by Bloomberg are true, then it might signify that Tesla’s Model 3 push unit manufacturing has obtained a definitive step ahead.

Contemplating Tesla’s 10,000/week landmark using its Model 3 push unit manufacturing, in addition to the forthcoming upgrades to Gigafactory 1 in the form of Panasonic’s fresh battery cell assembly outlines and Grohmann’s new machines, Q4 2018 is currently shaping up for a historic quarter to the electric automobile maker.

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