Tesla Model 3 Goes Dancing In The Rain, Utility Pole Puts A Cork In It



Onboard cameras captured the second a Tesla Model 3 lost traction and crashed into a utility pole.

The accident happened a day or two ago in an undisclosed location, even though the car does seem to use New York license plates.

Video: “OMG, OMG” Tesla Model 3 Aquaplanes And Crashes With Autopilot Engaged

A calm drive at moderate speeds on a four-lane road, near a junction, using the lights green and virtually no one in sight, bar a Ford truck to the far right, waiting for the lights to turn green — what goes wrong?

After hitting a puddle that seemingly led to the car to aquaplane out of 25,, many things actually, since this motorist learned the hard way. The electrical sedan spun 180 degrees and hit a utility pole, near the aforementioned pickup truck, narrowly missing it — or so it seems. Right before it came to a full stop, it struck the curb, which extended the damages into front .

Screenshot YouTube@Tufflaw

Since the aftermath pictures demonstrated that the Model 3 had greater than a few bruises. The combat scars were visible over headlamp, bumper, taillights, right rear fender, front bumper and the boot lid. In a first glance, the structure doesn’t appear to have been affected, so it’therefore no write-off.

Luckily, despite the serious impact, the driver walked away without any accidents at all, as he explained in the description of how the video shared online.

“Driving in the rain and the car began hydroplaningcontrol and the car turned 180 degrees and smashed into a pole”, YouTube user Tufflaw said in the bill. “Just me alone in the car, no injuries at all. Car’therefore not doing well however. I’m astonished I walked away without a scratch. ”

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