Tesla Model 3 Performance gets 19-inch “Power Sports” Aero Wheels in China



Just a few days into 2019, Tesla has opened the Model 3 configurator to customers in China and pick European territories, enabling reservation holders to layout and purchase the electrical sedan. With this, Tesla has started laying the bases of the Model 3’s global ramp, which can be expected to hit its stride at the forthcoming months.

Within the setup pages of the Model 3 at China, though, lay a fairly surprising detail. When designing the Model 3 Performance at Tesla’s Chinese website, a new sort of wheel to the automobile was recorded as an alternative. As an alternative to the 20″ Sport Wheels which are supplied with the Model 3 Performance at the United States, China-bound vehicles are offered with 19″ “Power Sports” wheels. 

The Model 3 Performance’s 19″ Power Sports brakes. (Credit: Tesla)

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Tesla notes in the things ’ description that the Power Sports brakes are developed for “balanced performance and cruising range. ” Just like the 18″ Aero Wheel covers North American automobiles, the 19″ Power Sports brakes incorporate a detachable hubcap that could “better accommodate to different road conditions. ” Based on Tesla’s Model 3 configurator at China, the 19″ Power Sports brakes are exclusive to the Model 3 Performance; hence, customers who purchase the Long Range AWD Model 3 are just able to pick between the recognizable 18″ Aero Wheels along with the 19″ Sports Wheels located in North American units.

Tesla appears to have done a fantastic job at designing the 19″ Power Sports wheels. Contrary to the 18″ Aero Wheels, whose layout remains polarizing, the 19″ Power Sports brakes may be described as a very good balance between form and function. Although it’s unfortunate that the Power Sport brakes are currently unavailable for Model 3 regions outside China, one can only expect that the wheels might eventually be released to other areas in the not too distant future.

Considering that the new brakes have aero parts, it would be quite interesting to learn how Tesla’s newest Power Sports brakes impact the Model 3 Performance’s range. Nevertheless, if their range optimisation capacities are anywhere close to the company’s 18″ Aero Wheels, then the 19″ Power Sports brakes could very well be the very ideal wheel option for the Model 3 that the electric automobile maker has introduced so far.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is poised to become a strong contender in China’s high-performance automobile marketplace. Being capable of accelerating from  0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds, the vehicle is remarkably quick, and because of the Track Mode upgrade , the car is capable of being pushed onto a closed circuit. Maybe even more notable, though, is the vehicle’s price.

Last month, the Chinese State Council Customs Tariff Commission declared that it had been occupying the extra 25% tariffs it put on cars and components being stolen from the United States. This resulted in Tesla adjusting the Model 3 Performance’s price from a rather extreme 689,000 RMB (roughly $100,000) to some reasonable 560,000 RMB (around $81,000). At these prices, the Model 3 Performance actually undercuts some of its most notable fossil fuel powered competitions like the BMW M3 and the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe, that cost as much as 998,000 RMB ($162,000) and 1,198,000 RMB ($173,623), respectively.

With its existing price, Tesla has made the Model 3 Performance one of the very bang-for-your-buck high-performance sedans in China. 

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