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Tesla Model 3’s success in Europe was a sucker punch to German automakers


The Tesla Model 3 triumph in the European market shocked the region’s biggest automakers, including Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz. This was despite car manufacturers writing off Tesla because of its cash flow, manufacturing inexperience, and outlooks from many hedge funds.

As it turned out, the problem with ignoring Tesla as “the next big thing” is because the Silicon Valley-bred company, through its revolutionary and unique vehicles, has truly been the hottest business in the auto industry. The Model 3 is still a big part of this because of its affordability, dispelling the notion that electric cars with adequate variety and higher performance aren’t mainstream cars.

The Model 3’s prevalence in Europe was proven after a successful 2019. In December just the Volkswagen Golf and Renault Clio had greater figures. This is according to JATO Dynamics, a company that performs market study.

But the prevalence of the Model 3 means something other than electric cars is getting more attractive to consumers. This means automakers that have had success with petrol-powered models, like Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz, might be missing out their offerings towards sustainability.

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Europe’s biggest luxury carmakers waited long to start developing cars that could compete with Tesla, and the companies are lagging behind. The Model 3 currently competes with best-selling petrol-powered premium sedans like the Mercedes C-Class or BMW 3 Series in price, despite being much more tech-focused.

Allowed, European carmakers have started their own car apps. Both Volkswagen and Mercedes are beginning to develop electric cars, but they began developing EVs later Tesla proved that electric cars may be powerful and popular. This leaves them years behind Tesla, which holds a lead over other carmakers in functionality scope, and affordability.

Tesla’s vehicles have been now advancing in performance and variety through over-the-air applications upgrades that enable owners to upgrade their cars through the world wide web, much like a smartphone.

Along with being years behind when it comes to hardware and applications, Volkswagen and Mercedes are creating electrical versions of cars they have been building for several ages. This consists of the vehicles by being possible “game-changers,” according to JATO Dynamics analyst Felipe Munoz at an announcement into The New York Times. Tesla’s vehicle designs, on the other hand, are distinctive and fresh, and Munoz believes this may be one of the reasons the organization is currently doing .

The uniqueness Tesla is bringing to the table is precisely the way it’ll continue to interrupt the European auto market. Its cars provide you a exciting and fresh way to travel, and Munoz states the way Tesla was likely to beat by being different than them, automakers was. “It’s not itself. It’s the way they are selling these cars,” Munoz states.

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