Tesla Model S and Model X ‘refresh’ practically confirmed with selfie camera update



Tesla Model S and Model X refresh upgrades may have begun falling. Recently, noted Tesla hacker @greentheonly found what might very well be the largest affirmation yet that a hardware update or a “refresh” for the flagship automobile and SUV is indeed forthcoming. 

In a recent update on Twitter, Green commented that Tesla’s software currently has references to something dubbed by the electric automobile manufacturer as “S/X P2. ” It pertains to a selfie camera located in the cars’ cabins similar to those located on the Model 3 and Model Y. This would translate to a hardware update for your Model S and Model X, watching because the vehicles’ current iteration do not have cabin-facing cameras in any respect. 

Not however, but there's something referred to as”S/X P2″ with hw3.2 that really does have the selfie…

— green (@greentheonly) December 30, 2020

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Tesla’s all-electric cars are famous for their generous number of cameras, especially the eight which are primarily used for features such as Sentry Mode and TeslaCam. What isn’t generally mentioned is that Tesla equipped a ninth camera within the Model 3 and Model Y, located just over the rearview mirror. The extra camera has not yet been rolled out to the Model S and Model X so far. 

In case Green’s observations are accurate and Tesla is indeed poised to equip its flagship vehicles with an in-cabin camera, it could indicate that the electric automobile manufacturer is preparing a hardware update for the Model S and Model X. Whether such a “refresh” would feature important alterations or not remains to be seen, but even minor ones like those introduced in the 2021 Model 3 were noteworthy enough to draw attention from consumers. 

Proof of the discovery stems from @greentheonly, in the next tweet:https://t.co/YPgj1echgR

— Teslascope (@teslascope) December 30, 2020

The inclusion of the Model S and Model X’s selfie camera in an upcoming “& Blend ” bodes well for your electric automobile manufacturer. As noted by software tracker service Teslascope, the addition of a cabin-facing camera for the Model S and Model X implies that the company may include them into its forthcoming Robotaxi service.

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