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Tesla Model S conversion project births stunning two-door convertible


The Tesla Model S proved to be a topic of a conversion project at Ares’ Design, turning the flagship sedan into a gorgeous two-door convertible.

The Model S was Tesla’s second car supporting the initial Roadster from 2008. Since its initial release in 2012, Tesla has produced several smaller refinements to the vehicle. Among the most notable is that the omittance of the nosecone in favour of a fresh, more contemporary design. Tesla implemented that change in 2016, and it has been highly-accepted among the neighborhood.

Recently, rumors of a refresh to the Model S design happen to be moving over the Tesla community. Since the flagship auto and following Model X vehicles have never been updated in a number of years, Tesla may be contemplating updating the design. While chances are infinite and everybody has their own opinion on what needs to be done, the folks in Ares Design in Modena, Italy set their own twist around the Model S, ridding it of the back passenger doors and doing away with the cover of the car.

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The project began with the removal of the roofing and central B-pillars, together with the back doors. The wheelbase was subsequently shortened to create the two-door design more reasonably decorative, and Ares made their own doors which were fabricated to the specifications of the newly-refined Model S chassis. Structural reinforcements were included too to guarantee the protection of passengers.

Paired with interior upgrades which have new seating and a vibrant new steering wheel with matching accents, the Model S out of Ares is definitely one of the more interesting adjustments to Tesla’s flagship sedan. However, it isn’t a ugly or significant conversion by almost any way. However, some enthusiasts may have some thing to say about the revisions to the Model S’ design, since it was many early Tesla enthusiasts first EV.

Ares has lots of jobs which will fit the flavor of nearly every automotive enthusiast on Earth. With jobs that interval from Tesla to Lamborghini, there are a number of unique paths that the design studio has taken through the years to guarantee the satisfaction of their customers and fans.

“At Ares, our co-create doctrine enables clients to work side by side with all our engineers and designers to create their own bespoke car, a service that is particular to ARES,” CEO Dany Bahar stated in a statement on the company’s website. “This Tesla project is a superb example of that; it turned out to be a pure coachbuilding project which we really enjoy doing and seeing the results of our uncompromising standards. ”

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