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Tesla Model S P90D Vies With Porsche Taycan Turbo For Electric Saloon Supremacy


The Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan are the two most accelerative electric sedans now on the marketplace and, since Lovecars lately found , they are quite evenly matched.

Tesla has, obviously, been producing the Model S for much longer than Porsche was building the Taycan. The Model S was in production since 2012, whereas Porsche started rolling outside the Taycan year.

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Back in 2015 and 2016, Tesla’s Model S array was topped out by the P90D Ludicrous, full with two electric motors and pumping out the equal of 762 hp and 1,013 lb-ft (1,373 Nm) of torque. While this version has been superseded by the P100D and more lately the Model S Performance Raven, Lovecars chose to pit the P90D against a Porsche Taycan Turbo for a drag race.

We’ve ever noticed the flagship Taycan Turbo S hurrying the flagship Model S Performance Raven previously and the two were very close, although the Porsche seemingly has a slight advantage. It’s exactly the same case here, as it happens.

Off the line and racing in extremely wet conditions, the Tesla and Porsche obtained near starts and accelerated at close identical prices. Because the rates started to increase, the Taycan Turbo withdrew from the Tesla, taking a win.

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