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Tesla Model S Plaid sets new record at the Nürburgring in final run for the year


Reports from German motoring publication Auto Motor und Sport have revealed that the grim Tesla Model S Plaid model has broken up the company’s unofficial record to the Nurburgring, with the vehicle. The Model S managed to achieve this feat not once, but twice. 

What is even more notable was that Tesla accomplished this feat with a unit which finished a 7:40 lap round the Nurburgring in September. During that time, Tesla managed to finish a documented hand-stopped lap of 7:23, although it used its reddish Model S Plaid model, a car that unfortunately crashed during a popular lap in recent weeks. Providentially, the Model S’ driver, Andreas Simonsen, was unharmed during the crash.  

As noted by the publication, the Model S Plaid model has been driven round the Nurburgring by Nordschleife specialist and rushing driver Thomas Mutsch. Because of its record-setting runs, the Model S has been armed with its large rear diffuser along with a small rear spoiler. A spoiler seen by photographers previously had reportedly been eliminated by Tesla after a session round the trail. The car was equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Cup R sports tires for its record-setting runs. 

Blue Tesla Model S with Plaid Powertrain yields into the Nurburgring. (Credit: Teslarati)

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That being said, the Plaid Tesla Model S’ 2 7:13 documents are unofficial lap times for your car or truck. So, for today at least, the electrical automobile maker only has the understanding that its upgraded Tesla Model S is capable of defeating the already-stellar 7:23 album it set for itself during its first excursion to the track over a month ago. Nevertheless, the Plaid Model S’ current unofficial record is 8 seconds shy of this 7:05 estimate that Tesla declared on Twitter as it abandoned the Nurburgring for the first time in late September. 

Auto Motor und Sport noted that the Tesla group has departed the iconic German racetrack for the time being, with the group probably not coming back this year. The 2 vehicles employed for the evaluation — the Model S Plaid which crashed, as well as the Plaid unit which place the record — are reportedly being sent home to the United States. With this in mind, it appears that Tesla could be planning to return to the Nurburgring with brand new Model S Plaid units this past year finally ready to place its official lap record. 

A gloomy Tesla Model S Plaid unit with fresh aeros strikes the Nurburgring. (Photo: Stefan Baldauf/Auto Motor Uund Sport)

What is particularly intriguing is that Tesla’s fresh unofficial lap time round the Nurburgring is currently 29 seconds quicker than the Porsche Taycan Turbo model that place an unofficial 7:42 record of its own round the German racetrack prior to this all-electric sports automobile ’s official release. Considering that the grim Model S Plaid left the trail last September with a 7:40 lap, the automobile ’s 7:13 period that is present is a noteworthy improvement. 

After all, it appears that Tesla was analyzing two Plaid Model S variations in the Nurburgring this time around. Based on the first track times of the 2 prototypes, it appears that Tesla was actually benchmarking the red and blue Model S against every other. And it almost looked like the Plaid Model S was that the car or truck that was more conservatively-specced. In any event, Tesla’s return next year would probably be extremely exciting, since the firm would probably return with a car that’ll be close to the actual production Plaid Model S that’s place for release next year. 

At 7:13, Tesla’s Model S Plaid model has already exceeded the lap period of this 2018 Jaguar XE SV Project 8, which finished the Nurburgring in a. This ’s the fastest vehicle around the Nurburgring up to now, not counting on the model monster which Porsche attracted on to the trail recently, the Panamera “Lion” job, which completed a 7:11 lap. Quite frankly, it appears that no laps have been done by Porsche with the Taycan Turbo S at yet.

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