Tesla Model S Plaid with jump seats seemingly sighted in recent flyover



It appears that Tesla may be seeking to bring back one of those Model S’ most distinctive seating choices. As signaled in a current drone flyover of this Fremont Factory, Tesla seems to be creating some Model S Pen components fitted with rear-facing hop seats, a feature which effectively produces the huge flagship sedan a seven-seater. 

Footage of this clear Model S Plaid with jump seats was seized by drone owner Gabeincal, that has been following the developments from Tesla’s Fremont facilities over the past calendar year. As could be seen from the movie, the Model S question featured white seats, two of which appeared to be fitted beneath the rear hatch. Speculations among the EV community suggested that the vehicle could be a showroom unit, believing that the Model S refresh is now not offered with a seven-seat alternative. 

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The Model S’ seven-seat variant a part of Tesla lore, with Elon Musk reportedly asking for the feature specifically since he has five sons. Considering that the company’s only car before this Model S was the two-seater first Roadster, Musk’s request made complete sense. True to form, the Model S was unveiled as a sedan with 5+2 seats. The CEO finally went to a cross-country road trip along with his sons and then-wife Talulah Riley using the Model S’ maximum seating and the Supercharger Network. 

Will do the LA-NY family road trip over Spring Break. Made everybody watch National Lampoon's Vacation as prep.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 26, 2014

The Model S’ seven-seat alternative was finally retired, however Musk mentioned the attribute ’s yield in 2019 during the company’s foray in the Nurburgring with its Plaid prototypes. Following one of those vehicles crushed the Porsche Taycan Turbo’s lap time, Musk noticed on Twitter that the already-impressive track days of this Model S Plaid prototypes would be defeated from the flagship sedan’s actual production version, that might have seven seats. Since then, however, updates concerning the Model S’ jump seats have been scarce. 

It’therefore a start. We expect that these track occasions to be defeated by the true production 7 seat Model S Plaid variant which goes into production around Oct/Nov year.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 17, 2019

The requirement for a seven-seat sedan with supercar performance yet, the idea of a Model S Plaid with jump seats leaving behind the finest high-performance ICE cars on both the track and also on the drag strip is a picture that Elon Musk probably finds amusing. With this in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if Tesla introduces jump seats as an option for its Model S refresh in the not too distant future. 

View a movie of this apparent sedan-seat Model S refresh from the movie below. 

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