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Tesla Model S proves not to be ‘Shaq-friendly’


The Tesla Model S is among the most striking vehicles to drive on the street. It’s the electric automaker’s flagship automobile, and it’s proven for eight years it is as fast as it is environmentally-friendly. However, the lightning-fast sedan has its downfalls, and among these is that it cannot comfortably fit 7-foot 1-inch tall Shaquille O’Neal. But again, what automobile can?

At a Tik Tok posted by Anthony C. Hall, the Model S proved to be a tight fit for your former NBA Superstar. After attempting to climb in the Model S, Shaq showed the spacious sedan was not favorable to the huge frame the four-time NBA Champion has dealt with for the majority of his lifetime.

Shaq appeared to have the passenger’s seat changed as far back as it could go. Shaq fought to get inside of the car, tucking his head below the cover of the door frame and awkwardly shifting his body within the automobile whilst wiggling his size 22 shoes into the cottage. It was evident the Model S is not the maximum “Shaq-friendly” automobile, though he possessed a P85 variant a few short years back. After finally finessing his way into the car, he gave Tesla CEO Elon Musk a word of information.

“Elon, you wanna earn a significant boy Tesla? ”

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Shaq was known for his athletic ability when playing at the NBA for 1992 into 2011. The Louisiana State University alumnus spent his evenings breaking professional basketball matches together with longtime friend Charles Barkley and others around TNT’s Inside the NBA.

While Shaq did possess a Tesla Model S at the past, another car would likely be more acceptable for the celebrity. Together with the Model X accessible, Shaq may nevertheless have to wait for Tesla’s Cybertruck to release late 2021 to get a vehicle large enough to accommodate his huge size.

Shaq has become a supporter of electric vehicles for several years. Although he had a P85 Model S at his drive at the same stage, O’Neal also was present at Amazon’s :MARS occasion in June 2019, where Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe showed the longtime Lakers Center in an R1T pickup. Even the all-electric truck from Rivian seemed to fit Shaq reasonably well thanks to greater cargo space, along with a gigantic frame, much like O’Neal has.

The Cybertruck will likely be the vehicle that Shaq would flip into for “a significant boy Tesla,” due to its sheer size and brute strength. Though the fleet of currently available Tesla automobiles will accommodate the normally-sized humans on the market, Shaq will require something a bit bigger, along with the Cybertruck is the best fit.

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