Tesla Model S refresh spotted leaving the Fremont Factory, hinting at quarter-end push



Tesla Model S refresh automobiles have been seen leaving the Fremont Factory great deal onto a car carrier truck. A few auto carriers together with Model 3 and Model Y cars were seen headed north as well. The sighting of trucks taking Tesla vehicles signals that the company’s quarter-end drive is underway.

Twitter user @CodingMark took snapshots of a car carrier transporting several Model S refresh vehicles from their Fremont Factory. The EV community member initially speculated that both Model S refresh and Model S Plaid automobiles were about the vehicle carrier, however, a closer review of the images suggested that the cars were included of the former.

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I am 55% sure 🤪 I saw a red and a blue Model S on trucks heading north now (southern Oregon/northern Ca) I didn’t even have images of those unfortunately. Grabbed a few other pics. Last but with Mt. Shasta in the mirror 😍 pic.twitter.com/6NO2x4Vn7v

— SCMountainDad ⛰⚡🚙 (@SCMountainDad) March 19, 2021

Since Tesla announced the Model S Plaid’s availability, all eyes have been on the Fremont Factory. The centre ’s parking lot has been steadily filling up using Model S Pen recently. This led to the concept that customer deliveries of the revamped flagship sedan are just going to kick off.

During the sales call in January, Elon Musk announced that Plaid Model S deliveries would start in February. Musk’s estimates were a bit off as no deliveries have been created last month. Ultimately, the Model S Plaid’s deliveries seem to be undergoing any “Elon Time,” a trend that Musk himself confessed to previously. “I consistently deliver what I say, just perhaps not in the timeframe that I say it,” ” the Tesla CEO explained.

With Model S refresh cars being transported now, Plaid Model S vehicles might be the upcoming cars to leave Tesla’s primary manufacturing centre in California. Model S Plaid deliveries can make an important gap in Tesla’s quarter, similar to the impact the Model Y’s deliveries had in Q1 this past year. With just a few weeks left to go in March, the enthusiasm and eagerness for Plaid Model S deliveries is bound to escalate.

In case Model S Plaid deliveries don’t create it till the end of March, it could nevertheless play a substantial role at Tesla’s next quarterly earnings. Plaid Model S deliveries can start a month, kicking off Q2 on a solid foundation.

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