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Tesla Model X driver shares unbelievable story of DEA plane crashing into car


While driving at west Houston nearby Sugar Land, TX, Tesla Model X proprietor and neighborhood businessman Oniel Kurup was involved in what could only be called a very unusual accident — his SUV was hit by a crashing airplane in the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The unique crash happened on Wednesday, when a DEA plane experienced a mechanical problem. The pilot of the aircraft tried to land onto the street, and throughout the daring maneuver, the plane clipped at electricity lines and struck on a few vehicles. One person was hurt nonetheless, although the pilot escaped harm.

One of the vehicles caught in the path of the crashing airplane was Oniel’s Model X. Describing his experience in a subsequent Facebook post, Oniel noticed that he saw his life flash before his eyes for a moment, and it made him realize that all it takes is a moment to get a potentially fatal accident to occur. Even though a part of the Model X’s leading was torn off when the plane crashed right into it, Oniel said that he and his company could escape the injury.

An airplane out of the DEA crashes into a Tesla Model X. [Credit: Oniel Kurup/Facebook]

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In an announcement on Chron, Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls said that the succession of events before the airplane crash could have been incredibly frightening to the drivers involved. While there was an injury which resulted from the incident, the prosecution said that events might have been catastrophic.

“Imagine you driving down Voss Road in Fort Bend County and your vehicle is struck by an aircraft. That would be enough to place me. We’re extremely fortunate that this was not much more devastating than what it had been,” Nehls said.

Oniel noted the strange nature of the incident caused some disbelief. His wife, for one, thought that it was a joke at first, and if he phoned Tesla to say that a plane crashed right into his Model X, a representative in the company thought it was a prank phone.

An airplane out of the DEA crashes into a Tesla Model X. [Credit: Oniel Kurup/Facebook]

Oniel’s accounts of the Model X’s odd accident has captured the interest of the larger Tesla community, especially as the unfortunate event after more highlights only how safe that the company’s electric automobiles are. Elon Musk has voiced his surprise on Twitter as well the Model X proprietor and his passenger could come from the accident unharmed.

Wow, glad rsquo they;re ok!

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 20, 2018

The Tesla Model X has gained leading security ratings in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which awarded the automobile with a complete 5-star crash rating for many categories and subcategories. The all-electric SUV has shown some impressive feats of strength and endurance in the last; such as this past March, if a parked Model X lived without a scratch following a tree fell on it during a snowstorm. The vehicle is also famous for towing loads, such as 250,000 pounds worth of grime out of a Boring Company tunnel.

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