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Tesla Model X Raven makes quick work of Lamborghini Urus in quarter-mile race


A Tesla Model X Dual Motor Performance (formerly called the P100D) recently went head-to-head at a quarter-mile drag race against a few of the most powerful gas-powered SUVs in the market: the loud, growling Lamborghini Urus. Throughout the rapid race, the “Raven” Model X proved once again that it takes far more than an aggressive exterior and a search engine to conquer an all-electric vehicle that is designed from the ground up to be unbelievably fast in a direct line. 

Before Tesla rolled from the “Raven” update for the Model X, the vehicle was quite a monster at the drag strip, especially in the quarter mile. Yet, despite the reign as the quarter-mile king one of SUVs, there were still instances if the Model X was bested from the Lamborghini Urus, a creature of a crossover with supercar DNA flowing throughout every piece of its being. 

Even among the auto sector ’s supercar elite, Lamborghini still holds a reputation to be rather radical, along with the Italian automaker certainly did not disappoint with all the Urus. The beast of an SUV is equipped with a 4.0-liter Twin-Turbo engine that generates 641 bhp, which enables the car to launch out of a dead stop to 60 miles in 3.4 minutes. 

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Previous races between the two SUVs are extreme, and for great reason. While the Model X’s 2.9-second 0-60 mph time beats the Urus’ 3.4 minutes, the Lamborghini may reach its stride amazingly quickly. Some races, such as those conducted by Carwow, ended with all the Model X P100D winning at the quarter mile. Others, such as those undertaken by YouTube’s DragTimes, showcased the gas-powered SUV besting its own all-electric opponent

Regrettably for the Urus, its opponent this time was not any ordinary Model X. This moment, Brooks of all DragTimes gathered a few Model X Dual Motor Performance units, each of which can be equipped with Tesla’s “Raven” upgrades, including a completely new and highly-efficient drivetrain design, along with a new adaptive suspension. These upgrades enable the Model X to reach 325 miles on a single charge, and in the instance of the vehicle’s Performance version, a bit more push. 

Just how did the race between those two insanely fast SUVs flip out? It feels like with all the “Raven” upgrades, the Model X may really be a bit too much for the Lamborghini Urus to deal with. During a bout which comprised a nicely-wrapped Model X along with the Urus, the all-electric SUV soundly humbled its inner gas counterpart. Off the line, the Model X shot off, and it continued pulling out of there. 

From the close of the race, the Model X Performance finished the quarter mile at 11.24 minutes at 119.86 miles, whereas the Lamborghini Urus finished the race at 12.22 minutes at 115.31 mph. Even during another race comprising another Raven Model X that did not possess its Launch Mode enabled and also the Lamborghini, it seemed the all-electric SUV really started gaining about the Urus throughout the midst of a run; something that rarely happened in the past. 

View a “Raven” Tesla Model X Dual Motor Performance combat a Lamborghini Urus in the video below. 

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