Home News Tesla Model Y and Model 3 will both be able to tow: report

Tesla Model Y and Model 3 will both be able to tow: report

Tesla Model Y and Model 3 will both be able to tow: report

A recent report from Norwegian media has noticed that Tesla will be releasing towing gear not just for the Model Y but also for the Model 3. The information was reportedly related by Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen himself, who affirmed that such equipment was really coming for the electric vehicles.

Immediately after the Model Y occasion last week, the Norwegian news site Elbilen briefly conversed with Franz after he stepped off the stage asking if the recently unveiled SUV will have a towbar. Following the Tesla Chief Designer said yes, the book followed up with a question concerning the Model 3’s towing gear. Franz’s response was brief, only stating “shortly,” before grinning and disappearing into the crowd.

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The use of a towbar for the Model Y was teased by images and videos taken of the vehicle during its unveiling. Teslarati‘s images, in addition to footage from owner-enthusiast Daerik on YouTube, revealed that the all-electric crossover has been fitted with an unmistakable rear cover plate for a tow hitch receiver. The Model Y’s cover is quite similar to the plate found in the bigger, costlier Model X, which is also capable of towing.

Elon Musk has mentioned an optional tow hitch for the electric sedan previously, though updates concerning the characteristic have been rare. Matters became more interesting in late January, once the Tesla Owners Club Norway (TOCN) found references to the Model 3’s towing capacities in the vehicle’s diagrams. Mentioned were electrical towing-related components including a Trailer Light Controller and a Trailer Light ECU.

Tesla’s electric automobiles are capable of producing a lot of torque off the line due to their electric motors, making them ideal for towing projects. This makes even vehicles like an RWD Model 3 capable of pulling some serious cargo, as shown in some DIY projects that were shared online. It should be noted that Teslas that are actually rated to haul heavy loads like the Model X are on an entirely different level, as the SUV has revealed impressive feats of strength in the past. Beyond its rated 5,000 lb towing capacity, the Model X has pulled a semi-trailer throughout the snow, a literal passenger plane, and 250,000 lbs of dirt directly from a Boring Company tunnel.

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