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Tesla Model Y arrives in South Korea


Tesla’s new all-electric crossover, the Model Y, is now available in South Korea. Tesla’s global expansion has been a focus of the automaker ever since the Giga Shanghai production plant started construction many years ago. Together with Tesla today building the Model Y in the Chinese production plant, South Korean customers now have access to the highly-popular EV.

After being delivered to U.S. clients in March 2020, the Model Y secured Tesla’s presence in the crossover SUV marketplace. Known for its versatility as an SUV with sufficient freight space however a sedan’so performance, crossovers have become some of the most popular cars across the world. The United States was no different, along with the Model Y became Tesla’s most popular car in several nations, including the firm ’s home of California.

However, Tesla has been concentrated on attracting the Model Y to other niches. In Europe, where it’s expected to dominate niches when Giga Berlin opens this Summer, the Model Y will contend with Volkswagen, Renault, along with Hyundai EVs which are highly profitable. Back in Asia, Tesla’s Model Tesla has been the highest-selling EV at China in 2020, holding 12% of their market share.

Tesla Model Y test vehicles sent to South Korea before neighborhood release

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Now, Tesla is planning toward South Korea for the Model Y.

Tesla Korea introduced some details regarding the Model Y’s accessibility at South Korea. The Standard Range RWD Model Y will start at 59.99 million won ($54,191), whereas two Dual Motor alternatives, a Long-Range and a Performance, begin in 69.99 million won ($63,239) and also 79.99 million won ($72,274), respectively, the Korea Herald reports.

Tesla reported that the five-seat option will be available immediately, with the seven-seat version which makes its way to customers shortly afterwards.

Tesla was exceptionally popular in South Korea at 2020. Data revealed that Tesla sold 79.6% of EVs from the nation in January to September, with the Model 3 holding approximately 31 percent of the entire market share. Government incentives can also be of high value in South Korea and may lower a car ’s price between eight and ten thousand Won ($7,000 to $8,771). The programs are structured to encourage the purchase price of EVs and also show the government is extremely supportive of alternative energy.

Tesla accounts for 3 out of every 4 EVs offered in South Korea this year so far

Together with the rollout in South Korea, Tesla may also focus on the rollout of its robust Supercharger network. Tesla told Korea Herald that it would establish new Supercharger channels in 27 different cities and include eight Service Centers at the end of 2021. Tesla recently started a Supercharger production plant simply outside the Giga Shanghai production plant, constructed to encourage the wide adoption of EVs across the planet.

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