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Tesla Model Y completes the equation for the average household


Tesla Model Y’s functionality and practicality will finish the equation for households in the US, China, and even beyond.

In the United States, demand for crossovers has increased over the past two decades. Crossovers only accounted for roughly 4 percent of car sales in 2000 and also meteorically climbed to roughly 40% of US earnings in 2018. In China, the biggest automotive marketplace in the world is fundamentally the exact same as more individuals slough off from light vehicles and go for crossovers and SUVs. Tesla will respond the requirement of households for a car that presents a fantastic balance between a sedan and an SUV.

The Model Y makes sense for families searching to get a bigger ride (although not as large as full-sized SUVs) that provides more space for people and cargo whilst not burning a huge hole in one’s bank account. Even the Model Y is perfect for families leading a busy lifestyle or for those trying to find a second vehicle that complements their daily driver such as a Model 3. The Model Y is not a more chunky Model 3. The crossover answers these needs of the typical household and has the potential to become yet another cash cow for Tesla to allow it to achieve consistent gains.

Tesla Model Y’s range and efficacy have been emphasized during the Q4 2019 earnings forecast of the Silicon Valley-based electric carmaker.  CEO Elon Musk told the electric car community that the Model Y currently boasts the highest energy efficiency rating among electric SUVs in 4.1 mph kWh and contains an EPA rating of 315 miles on a single charge. Tesla has begun limited quantity production in January and hopes to earn first deliveries of the electric crossover on March 15.

“…ensure we get that manufacturing ramp going and achieve volume production whenever possible with Model Y. Yes, go as quickly we can along with Model Y and be sure that it ’s a wonderful product. I believe there are a few things that can differentiate it. I believe … when people do a teardown of the Model Y, I believe they’ll be impressed about a number of those things that they view,” Musk said during the Q4 2019 earnings predict.

While a Model Y teardown is a very long shot, the most recent sightings of the crossover show the vehicle may be practical option for people on the go or families having a busy way of life.

Tesla Model Y Roof Rack

A Tesla Model Y with roof rack was recently seen along the State Route 237 in Sunnyvale, California. The sighting provides Model Y fans a glimpse of how roof-mounted railings will look on the crossover.

The video introduced by RKT on YouTube shows a roof rack which reminds one of the currently available Model 3 roof rack which can readily be set up by procuring four mounting points on the all-glass roofing of the vehicle. With the Model Y sharing about 75% of its DNA with the Model 3, rsquo & there;s a likelihood that a similar roof rack for your Model Y is going to be marketed by Tesla.

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Having a roof rack, the Model Y may be a perfect road trip vehicle to get a group of five or seven bringing skis, bikes along with sports gear that is other, or cargo boxes. The typical maximum load rating or roof stands is approximately 150 pounds.

Check out RTK&rsquovideo of the Model Y using a roof rack:

Tesla Model Y Towing

Last December, a Tesla Model Y using a clearly visible tow hitch was seen hinting the all-electric crossover would be perfect for towing small trailers or campers for families that enjoy the outdoors.

Just last week, another Model Y has been seen on the road, this time. An image captured by Rober Rorschach was shared on Twitter by @Testletter.

Model Y towing a dirt bike. I think the towing package Will come standard from the Model Y (at least in LR versions)

📷: Robert Rorschach https://t.co/fpFyxoaWlK thanks @AnythingTesla for your trick! pic.twitter.com/r7SfLd78px

— Tesletter (@tesletter) February 21, 2020

This is another wonderful demonstration of the forthcoming crossover that is electric is ideal for individuals that lead an active way of life. It’s not yet supported if the Model Y will come standard with a tow hitch or when it is going to come as an option but it is a very clear indication that Tesla’s testing such feature and it understands the way the crossover might be employed by the electric car community. Model 3 in Europe comes with an option for a hitch but that this choice is not available in North America.

Tesla Model Y Spacious Trunk Storage

It has been emphasized Tesla appears to haven been underpromising and overdelivering when it comes to Model Y and this approach can mad the naysayers of the carmaker. Even the Model Y, according to Tesla will have higher gross margins compared to Model 3 and Elon Musk even forecasts it may outsell its other vehicles at the lineup. And with Model Y sightings revealing the specifics of the means by which the vehicle may be useful for people. Even the 2nd-row seats which can be brushed certainly are a stroke of design genius concerning practicality . however, it can be clearly seen now that Tesla paid focus on the details that matter most to consumers.

New Model Y graphics that surfaced throughout the weekend demonstrate that the Model Y also provides ample space in its trunk and there may also be added space under the trunk. The purchase page in the Tesla site indicates that the vehicle is going to have a max cargo volume of 66 cu.ft. Making it comparable to the quantity of cargo the cheaper Honda CR-V can transport and supplies a little more space compared to its touted rival Ford Mustang Mach-E which comes with 59.6 cubic feet of space.

Below are the pictures of the Model Y trunk first published by Thomas Andre Davik about the Tesla Model Y Enthusiast Facebook Page and the Additional storage under the Primary trunk picture by Josh Jones about Exactly the Same buff page:

The graphics also clearly demonstrate the second-row seats provide ample headroom and the ample trunk can be reconfigured to provide enough space for your third-row seats to permit the car to carry seven adults. And that’s another practicality factor which may assist the Model Y stand tall against its rivals.

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