Tesla Model Y manufacturing improvements highlighted in published patent application



In a bid to continue streamlining its production process, Tesla has developed a new automobile frame projecting machine. The specifics are explained in a patent application printed on July 18, 2019 titled,” “Multi-Directional Unibody Casting Machine to get a Vehicle Frame and Associated Methods. ” CEO Elon Musk formerly known such a system which was under development throughout his dialogue by Ryan McCaffrey of this Ride the Lightning podcast at June. His comments at the time have been in reference to manufacturing improvements being made especially for Model Y production.

“There are several manufacturing improvements to the [Model] Y. The rear underbody we all ’re moving into an aluminum…casting instead of a series of stamped steel and aluminum bits,” Musk revealed from the interview. “When we receive the large casting system, it’ll go from 70 parts to 1 using a substantial reduction in funding expenditure on all the robots to place those parts together. ”

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As explained, Tesla’s new casting machine is going to have a central hub to get several expires which are constructed into specific portions of a car frame before being forged. The dies can transform into multiple configurations across the X, Y, and Z axis, basically forming into several role molds. Further suggested from the patent application is that a complete vehicle frame might be made with one cast using these changing capabilities.

Casting molds are typical in automobile manufacturing; however, single part molds tend to be what’s used, and bolts and welding are then subsequently required. A single projecting machine configurable for several parts has many benefits, including reduced establish time, performance costs, production costs, factory footprint, tooling expenses, and equipment amount. Using a casting system for your Model Y will also decrease the weight of the all-electric crossover, based on Musk. Battery efficacy will be positively influenced by a lighter vehicle with just an 8-10% effect on scope anticipated from the Model Y compared to Model 3.

Anticipation for its Model Y is constructing despite few details being revealed by Tesla because its unveiling in March. Throughout the California-based vehicle maker’s annual shareholder meeting this season, a red functioning prototype of the vehicle was on screen along with a next generation Roadster and a Tesla Semi, both also red. Before the event, just white and blue versions were revealed, the blue having been employed for test drives during its unveiling.

The production place for the Model Y also has yet to be declared, though Tesla’s Fremont mill seems to be the most probably candidate. Production remains expected for 2020.

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