Tesla Model Y Roof Reportedly Flies Off Shortly After Being Delivered



Tesla’s build quality is hit or miss, however a Redditor is asserting the roof on a new Model Y flew off while it was being driven home from the dealership.

As stated by the post, the Redditor moved with his dad to pick up the crossover and everything was going alright until “we began to listen to a ton of end [sound ]” on the trip home.

While they originally thought the sound was coming from an open window, the panoramic glass roof “hauled off” approximately one minute after. They returned into the dealership and were told that the seals had been probably flaunty or didn’t even get installed at the mill. That begs a critical question – how can Tesla’s quality management team overlook something so significant?

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Hey @elonmusk why didn't you tell us that Tesla sells convertibles currently? Because the roof of our brand new model Y fell off on the highway pic.twitter.com/s8YNnu7m9L

— Nathaniel (@Nathani04992006) October 5, 2020

The Redditor went to say that the dealership director “offered to find the car serviced for free,” however they declined as the father would like to get a different car at this stage — presumably one with the roof attached.

The incident sounds pretty mad and the post was accompanied with a brief movie showing the Model Y convertible apparently being pushed on the highway. In addition they uploaded a photograph showing the top part of the crossover with some injury where the panoramic roof connects near the doorway frame.

Assuming everything happened as the poster said, this is possibly life threatening incident as roof could have flown off and struck another car. It may also have caused other drivers to swerve to prevent the roof or execute an emergency stop on the street .

The poster stated that they notified the highway patrol about the roof and added “someone may have gotten in an collision, I’m not so certain. ” Hopefully that’s not the case, however it’s easy to see how that may have happened.

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