Tesla Model Y single-piece rear ‘Megacast’ spotted in production vehicle



A Tesla Model Y single-piece back “Megacast” has been spotted in a production vehicle, indicating that the electric vehicle maker started utilizing Giga Press machines in the Fremont Factory. The Giga Press machines have been capable of producing Model Y back underbodies from one piece of metal. 

An image of the Model Y single-piece back cast was shared on Twitter by Tesla owner-enthusiast @TonyTesla4Life, who noticed that the component has been spotted on a car using a VIN in the 97k-range. The Tesla owner added that the automobile still featured a traditional center console and door panels, and it had no HEPA filter. 

Model Y sole piece rear casting! VIN 97k, delivered 12/23/2020. Thank you @TeslaFrunk for the back kick sensor setup pic.twitter.com/jkIGwX265v

— Tony Pham – “Quick Bandit” license plate mount (@TonyTesla4Life) January 10, 2021

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Indications the recently-spotted Model Y component turned into a single-piece “Megacast” could be located in its central place, which no longer contains what appeared like a linking plate. As evident in footage and images given by automotive teardown pro Sandy Munro a year when he analyzed the all-electric crossover, the Model Y’s life-size back underbody comes with a center brace. 

Even though Tesla still employing a money-back underbody for the Model Y, Sandy Munro currently noticed that the components were among the largest casted parts he’s ever seen in an automobile. And even then, Munro stated that the Model Y’s large casted parts already provided Tesla with remarkable savings and manufacturing efficiencies. This is especially notable considering the early-production Model 3 comprised a rear underbody that had 70 pieces. 

Will be wonderful to see it in operation! Biggest casting machine made. Will make back body in one piece, including crash railings.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 13, 2020

Tesla’s usage of single-piece back flares for its Model Y has captured the interest of the electric car community for a very long time. Over the last year, drone flyovers of their Fremont factory have shown progress in the installation of the facility’s two enormous Giga Press machines, that can be so large they are installed outside the facility . Elon Musk, for his part, noted back in August it would be amazing to find that the Giga Press machines in operation. 

Check out Sandy Munro’s attribute on the Model Y’s back castings in the movie below.

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