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Tesla Model Y with matte black and chrome trim spotted at LA-Vegas Supercharger


A Tesla Model Y with a mixture of matte black window trim and Tesla’therefore signature trim has been seen at the Barstow, CA Supercharger station within the US Thanksgiving weekend.

Tesla proprietor and Redditor ChooChooSparky recounts yanking alongside the all-electric crossover while chargingbut without initially recognizing that it had been a Model Y.  “When I pulled up I thought ‘Wowthey’re serious about blacking out it to have a nap. ’ Then when he pulled off the pay and I saw the black version 3 style door handles, ‘That’s no routine Tesla SUV!! ,”’” noted the Tesla owner.

The other Redditor also confirmed the sighting and was at the scene.

“My wife and I had been there when it charged. They had the car fully insured and the man stayed in the car. I would have never discovered it had been a version Y if they hadn’t began putting the cover ,” user Uofaer wrote.

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In a video the Midnight Silver Metallic Model Y is viewed departing the Barstow Supercharger station,  a standard stopping point between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and also among Tesla’s first fast-charging channels in Southern California. Noticeable is the Model 3-style door handles and “chrome deleted” matte black trim which made its first debut at the Tesla Model Y unveiling in early 2019. However trim was present on the car, a finish for the Model S, Model 3, and Model X.

“It looked as the chrome trim needed tape wrapped all about it. Just a small part in the front door seemed lifted up,” Redditor ChooChooSparky added.

Another Model Y seen from the wild from r/teslamotors

It marks, at leastthe fifth Tesla Model Y sighting that pre-production may be occurring in 2020. Just last month, a Model Y has been seen cruising across California Route 17 with a few measurement devices most likely used to calibrate driver-assist attributes . Additional Model Y sightings shown the evasive “Wind Turbine” wheels, which were first showcased on a Model 3 model at the vehicle’s unveiling event.

As an increasing number of sightings of this Model Y studying on public streets are already reported, we could presume that Elon Musk and his team are gearing up to produce what is anticipated to become the firm ’s best-selling car. Originally intended for the Fall of 2020, the customer shipping date of Model Y was transferred around Summer 2020.

There are also reports that Tesla has taught parts suppliers BizLink and HOTA to start production of Model Y parts sooner than anticipated. This indicates that production will soon start, possibly before 2019 ends.

Tesla Model Y has a price of $48,000, seating for 5 to 5 people, and available in a Long Range, Dual Motor, and Performance configuration.

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