Tesla on track to follow Apple’s footsteps as a software-based service provider



Since the Full Self-Driving beta proceeds to roll out to more Tesla owners, that the EV automaker’s worth as a technology stock seems to becoming more evident to some individuals in Wall Street. In a research note published last week, Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas said that Tesla appeared to be after Apple’s playbook and getting a software-based service provider in the future. 

Jonas explained that Apple CEO Tim Cook made his mark in the business by developing the technology giant’s revenues through services that were overburdened. The Morgan Stanley analyst considers Tesla will follow a similar path in the future. 

“Tesla is currently on the verge of a deep model change from selling cars (volume x cost ) to creating high-margin, recurring services and software sales,” he composed in his November 18 note. 

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Jonas enlarged on his concept, including: “Services transformed the narrative on Apple by a stock that was viewed as a cyclical hardware stock fully appreciated at 15x earnings to one where target multiples increasingly approach 30x+ now.

“It is becoming clearer that, like many other tech companies, Tesla is utilizing its growing fleet of hardware in services to ‘turn on’ new earnings opportunities…services that are more rigorous, high-margin, frequently recurring, and services that ultimately enhance the consumer experience and stickiness of their system,” that the Morgan Stanley research note said.

Long-time Tesla bulls will not be surprised by Jonas’ fresh outlook of Tesla working in the manner of a tech giant. TSLA bulls have contended for a long time that the company should not be perceived as an automaker alone, especially considering that its Tesla Energy division or the simple fact that the company makes its chips and develops applications, such as Full Self-Driving (FSD). 

By way of example, Business Insider calculated that FSD’s 10,000 price tag was about 20% of their Model 3 Long Range’s no price. Morgan Stanley estimated Tesla could make near 100% profit margin if customers added FSD for their Model 3 LR buy.

After considered a technology firm, TSLA’s upcoming addition to the S&P 500 indicator and its $544 billion market cap makes much more sense. Additionally, it explains why Tesla owners are very loyal to this business. Offering an array of services can attract new customers to Tesla, just like it’s for Apple. It may also create strong loyalty to a new, which explains why Apple consumers find it tough to leave the firm ’s ecosystem.

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