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Tesla owner lifts Model Y in wicked off-road conversion


The Tesla Model Y is still a quick and slick crossover powered by an all-electric, however, that doesn’t mean that the automobile can’t manage demanding and rocky paths in the hills with the assistance of a lifted suspension and the firm ’s “Off-Road Assist” feature.

Brian Jenkins of the i1Tesla YouTube station shot his Model Y Performance to the North Carolina hills to find out if Tesla’s new vehicle could manage the challenging terrain. Jenkins has made alterations into his Model Y, and he describes as the “Overlanding Build,” that will encourage the automobile to perform satisfactorily in an off-road setting.

Jenkins set up a 4-inch suspension elevator out of Mountain Pass Performance to improve ground clearance, All-Season Toyo A/T III tires, aftermarket rims out of TSW, and an Earthy-themed combat green wrap into his Model Y. With such alterations, he was prepared to assess the capabilities of his electric crossover at a terrain.

Jenkins’ Model Y includes a 4-inch elevator, 31 inch Toyo All-Terrain Tires, along with a custom roof rack. (Credit: YouTube | i1Tesla)
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Jenkins utilized tires from Toyo for confidence when moving through the trails of the hills. “These are the greatest tires you’ll be able to wear a Tesla,” he explained.

In addition, he elaborated that the automobile isn’t necessarily geared to off-roading, but more of an Overlanding fashion of driving. Overlanding describes a trip that needs where journeying is the primary goal, traveling to destinations. Jenkins thinks that the goal of Overlanding captures his vehicle’s character perfectly.

“That is what the Tesla is about as much as going on excursions. What greater way to go off-road or into the wilderness than with a zero-emissions vehicle. Enjoy the adventure! ”

To assist the cause and examine some of this Model Y’s unique attributes, Jenkins triggered Tesla’s “Off-Road Assist” performance , which improves traction and assists with overall developments when driving on tricky terrains. The feature also works to balance the torque between both motors, which increases traction.

Even the Overlanding-geared Model Y encountered many evaluations throughout its session of forcing. Steep hills covered with small rocks and tiny gullies that have ruined roadways were which the crossover confronted.

The Model Y maneuvers over rough terrain thanks to aftermarket mods and the firm ’s “Off-Road Assist” setting. (Credit: YouTube | i1Tesla)

The steep terrain, nor even the gulley was able to offer any challenges for Jenkins’ Model Y, as the vehicle managed to manage the heavy divots in the street and the tiny stone. Thanks to the updates that Jenkins made, along with the confidence that the Off-Road assist feature provides, there was no issue with the electric car making its way during the settings that are debatable which it encountered.

Ultimately, Jenkins and his Tesla Model Y were able to climb the 3,400-foot mountain and reach the top. On the way, the Model Y burned 38% batterybeginning at 90 percent and reaching the peak at 52%. Because of Tesla’s braking system, the Model Y dropped 3 percent during the journey.

The whole excursion was 100.7 miles, and the Model Y utilized 43 kWh of energy during its 3,800-foot journey up and back down of the North Carolina mountains.

The Model Y has been aimed toward offering a renewable crossover SUV out of Tesla that could require a chunk out of the very popular vehicle section in the United States. However, it is more than even a car or just a grocery getter to take the children to soccer practice because it is capable of tackling tough terrain together with ease. The evaluation from Jenkins reveals the all-electric crossover may manage hard stretches of street, while offering efficiency and world-class operation .

View Jenkins’ complete Model Y scale in the hills of North Carolina below.

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