Tesla owner says the company won’t respond to his complaint about his car catching on fire



Two pictures of a burned down Tesla that burst into flames while parked

After a Tesla proprietor ’s car caught fire while parked in his drive, he shared pictures of the wreckage in hopes of finally getting a reply from the car company. 

“I STILL think Tesla makes great cars but their customer support is really horrendous. Fifty-eight times since my car caught fire sitting at the drive, and Tesla doesn’t appear to care at all. ANSWER ME!! ” @GUNMTLM3 tweeted.

Connected to the post were pictures of the car burnt to the ground with just the metal frame left behind and a video from the neighbor’therefore security camera of the car igniting from across the street.



The owner included a screenshot of the charge record of the Tesla from the night it burst into flames from Riverside, California providing even more evidence of the vehicle ’s place parked in his drive.

As an avid enthusiast of Tesla, the owner was amazed by the company’s Favorable customer support from the face of this kind of alarming freak event. He still seems to continues to encourage the car company on social networking, however, sharing Tesla’s tweets and retweeting Tesla-related content after the flame.

Many consumers on Twitter shared their thoughts on the proprietor ’s approach to posting pictures of the damaged car whilst still publicly encouraging Tesla.

“So, are you going to buy another one, or just what? ” a single user asked.

“As long as it’s not a safety concern I don’t see why not,” the owner responded. “I don’t believe you know my purpose, you expect me to not ever drive my other Tesla? Idc it caught fire, I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY. ”

The owner, who goes by Thor on Twitter, supposedly possesses a second Tesla Model X that did not catch fire, but fears driving it due to the unknown reason his Model 3 burnt down.

“I understand insurance will look after it, however I also have an X rather than knowing the cause of the reason why the 3 caught fire makes you worry everytime you get in the car…” @GUNMTLM3 tweeted.

Other users were conflicted over if the proprietor ’s insurance company should pay to fix the car or in the event the damages ought to be addressed by the car manufacturer.

Although some users were quick to leap in asserting the story was inconceivable, others agreed with the owner that Tesla’s customer support was so dreadful.

Still, some were perplexed.

“After his car catches flame for no reason at his own drive, his complaint is with his customer support rather than quality control? ” another user asked.

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