Tesla Owners ICE’d By RAM 1500 That ‘Identifies As A Prius’ Sipping Electrons At Supercharger



A Ram 1500 pickup truck was photographed at a Tesla charging channel with a great portion of the charging cable’therefore plug placed within its tailpipe. For the uninitiated, that’s something EV owners call “ICE-ing”, that’s the custom of a person having an internal combustion engine (ICE) obstructing -in a variety of ways- a charging channel.

The image, that was shared on Twitter from TheTeslaLife accompanied with a brief caption that labeled the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association, sparked an internet debate, with a few condemning the action and others viewing it as only a joke.

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China's ahead of the game with this one. They've made remote locks that could only be unlocked from Tesla owners to ditch. pic.twitter.com/XQp1hMIr98

— Toby Li (@tobyliiiiiiiiii) January 10, 2021

The truck had Oregon license plates along with a tailgate sticker saying ‘I recognize as a Prius’ and, in all likelihood, its driver believed it’d be funny to present the rig beside the charging channel. Nevertheless, the plug did end up entering the exhaust pipe, and was probably covered in soot.

It certainly isn’t so rare seeing ICE-powered vehicles obstructing EV charging stations, a clinic that may easily result in some conflict with electric automobile drivers.

These situations could be averted with some thing known as ‘ordinary awareness ’ and a bit of admiration. Since you’re able to ’t rely upon them, however, perhaps, as consumer Toby Li pointed out, Tesla need to adopt a solution like China’therefore, in which zero-emission car charging stains are dispersed by remote locks that could only be reduced from Tesla drivers.

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