Tesla Pickup Truck May Debut this Summer, Model Y on Sale by Late 2020



Tesla submitted its initial consecutive quarter of earnings, making a net earnings of $139.5 million in the fourth quarter, that was under Wall Street analysts’ quotes. At the conclusion of CEO Elon Musk’s teleconferenced fourth-quarter and full-year 2018 financial inspection, chief financial officer Deepak Ahuja announced his impending retirement, that united with the lower than expected results to drop some automaker’s stock cost in subsequent trading.

First, Tesla’s financial outcomes: That net earnings of $139.5 million for the fourth quarter arrived from $6.073 billion in gross auto sales, in comparison to $311.5 million net income off of $5.879 billion in gross earnings in the next quarter of 2018. From the fifth quarter of 2017, Tesla lost $675.4 million on sales of $2.409 billion. For all fiscal year 2018, Tesla sold $17.632 billion worth of EVs and also posted a net loss of $976.1 million, compared to sales of $8.535 billion and a net loss of $1.961 billion in 2017.

But that’s not all. Elon Musk had a lot of noteworthy things to say regarding potential products, producing, and much more during the Q&A portion of the telephone:

• Tesla had 80% of the EV market last year; presumably Musk meant from the U.S. marketplace. “This point is not well-appreciated…,” he said. Tesla’s year-over-year sales increases are ldquo;probably the I’ve. Each year, we’ve produced more cars than in all the previous years. ”

• Even “when there’s global downturn, people ’re expecting global deliveries to be 50 percent more than previous year. Could be more… thatrsquo;s mad expansion for the automotive sector. ”

• Current cash reserves of 3.7 billion are up $700 million because the next quarter, before 920 million in bond debt due in March.

• “At this stage , I’m optimistic about becoming profitable in Q1 (of 2019)… maybe not by a lot… and (rewarding in) all quarters moving forward. ”

• Tesla can start the process of stocking all common components necessary for versions during its service centers. “It should be like Jiffy Lube” and then take eight minutes for a few easy fixes.

The forthcoming Model Y crossover SUV will possess roughly 86 percent components commonality with its platform partner, that the Model 3 sedan, compared with just 30 percent commonality between Models S and X, and therefore capital prices on the newest Model Y will probably be considerably lower than they were for the Model 3.

• “The Model X is now the Fabergé egg of cars. Probably nothing like it’ll be made again. And probably shouldn’t.”

• Because the Model Y fits into the super-hot compact premium SUV segment, it will be a lot more popular than the Model 3. “Demand might be 50 percent more. Maybe even twice. ”

• Musk anticipates Tesla Model Y production to start by the end of 2020.

• The Shanghai, China, Gigafactory “is going to appear like lightning,” and should be producing by end of this year.  Tesla is the only overseas company in the auto industry that will wholly possess its Chinese factory. “This can be profound. ”

Tesla Model 3 demand in 2019, “at a strong economy, (would be) 700,000 to 800,000 a year. That’s my guess. ” Even when there’s recession, Musk anticipates 2019 need to be on the purchase of 500,000.

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