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Tesla prepares EV owners, Powerwall customers for CA’s historic power outages


As California faces a historic power outage in several Bay Area counties, American electric automobile maker Tesla appears to have started making preparations for its customers who are living in affected regions. Reports from the Tesla community reveal that the business is sending charging reminders whilst Powerwall 2 customers are starting to view their dwelling battery components charging up in preparation for your outages. 

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has started a proactive attempt to shut down electricity to approximately 800,000 customers across several Bay Area counties. The energy company opted to execute the shutdown to stop wildfires, particularly considering that the dry and windy conditions in the state. Incidentally, some previous fires were initiated by live PG&E electricity lines that dropped into vegetation because of winds.

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Tesla electric automobile owners living in the affected regions have recently begun getting a public service announcement from the automaker. The message advised owners to bill their automobiles to 100 percent, thereby ensuring they can find the range out of the cars . After is Tesla’s announcement. 

“A utility company in your area announced they could turn off electricity in some regions of Northern California starting October 9 to charging stations, as a part of public security power shutoffs, which may impact power. We recommend charging your Tesla into 100 to safeguard your drive stays uninterrupted. As always, your touchscreen will exhibit dwell statuses of Superchargers in your town — only tap a desirable Supercharger station to verify its availability. ”

Oh snap, PowerWall 🌩Storm Watch🌩 simply got activated for all these PG&E blackouts.Thank you, @Tesla @elonmusk. pic.twitter.com/8AabqUl8ex

— Artem Russakovskii (@ArtemR) October 7, 2019

Aside from announcements sent to its car owners, Tesla Powerwall two customers residing in regions impacted by the massive PG&E power shutdown have reported their residence battery units have activated their Storm Watch attribute. Storm Watch enables Powerwall two batteries to charge to their highest ability to prepare allowing owners to keep the lights in their homes when the grid goes down. 

Paired using solar panels, Powerwall two batteries have the support the energy demands of homes for an extended time period. Last year, for instance, a Northern California guy in PG&E’s electric service land ended up having his electricity cut off throughout a 42-hour period due to fire risks in his area. The guy ’s Powerwall two battery managed to help keep the lights on. From now PG&E resumed service the Powerwall two battery had 9% charge remaining.

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