Tesla prepares for winter by selling Model Y tire and wheel package



Tesla has included a Winter Tire and Wheel package for its Model Y crossover into its online shop as cold months strategy.

Even the Model Y’s 19-inch Gemini Wheel and Winter bike bundle is geared toward providing increased security and optimism as slick and tricky roads begin to look in a number of countries. The bundle available on Tesla’s online store aims to boost traction, stability, and braking efficacy in colder temperatures, specifically under 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7.22 degrees Celsius).

The bundle includes 19×9.5J ET45 Gemini brakes, 4 255/45R19 Pirelli Winter Sottozero tires, along with 4 bike pressure sensors. It costs $3,500.

Credit: Tesla

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Tesla writes:

“Model Y 19″ Gemini Wheel and Winter Tire Package provides optimum security and grip when driving in dry or wet conditions and on icy or snow-covered roads. The winter package ensures a high level of traction, stability, and braking efficacy under 45° F, so it’s possible to enjoy wherever you push with confidence and relaxation. ”

Regardless of Tesla being based in California’s hot climate, the company has increased its recognition of different drivers and their presence of challenging Winter conditions. The addition of several Winter kits has been made accessible by the automaker, allowing owners in cooler regions the chance to experience greater performance in these types of conditions.

Tesla Model Y efficacy surpasses Model 3 in real-world driving test

Tesla has gone farther than just releasing wheel and tire kits to boost vehicle security. The company has been trying to boost efficacy in colder environments, which can be harmful to EV range. A heat pump was inserted into the Model Y on first deliveries of the vehicle, and now Tesla can also be arming it in the “refreshed” variant of this Model 3.

In colder environments, Tesla recommends several options that could boost their electric cars’ security and efficiency. While driving, Tesla recommends you watch out for your Snowflake Icon, that can hint that your automobile ’s battery package may be too cold. This can influence range and performance, and a few features might be restricted. Leaving your auto plugged in and using Scheduled Departure or Precondition can also be advantageous for owners as it can continue to keep your Tesla retain heat.

Utilizing the recommended Tesla Winter tire and wheel kits will also be recommended as increased traction and stability control can be the difference between getting a collision and staying on track. Take a look at Tesla’s online shop to find out what the automaker recommends for your automobile during the winter months.

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