Tesla promotes Giga Berlin jobs amid Daimler’s struggles to keep employees at Mercedes plant



Tesla started a promotion ramp for Giga Berlin projects and published a recruiting movie lately. Amidst Tesla’s hiring ramp because of its Gigafactory in Germany, Daimler was confronting a difficult transition into EV production at its Mercedes factory in Berlin. 

Tesla invited qualified employees to combine its own “many innovative Gigafactory” at Berlin by releasing a new recruitment video. The whole movie displayed the trendy and fun side of being part of Tesla’s production group. 

Since the beginning of December, Tesla has posted a dozen or more new Giga Berlin job openings on its own livelihood page. The listing includes places for cell manufacturing, which might create 10,000 jobs alone, and the openings such as Giga Berlin’s paint shop.

The construction of this Gigafactory’s automobile manufacturing plant has not been fully accepted, but Tesla has made enormous progress and seems to be on schedule to start generation by 2021.

First Tesla Model Y bodies seen at Giga Berlin complex

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The same cannot be stated for Diamler’s Mercedes factory in Marienfelde, Berlin. A Der Tagesspiegel report asserted that the Mercedes factory was struggling with Diamler’s EV transition. The Marienfelde factory is the heritage OEM’s second biggest and earliest engine plant with 2,500 workers. It creates components that may reduce CO2 emissions, which could be obsolete in the upcoming few years contemplating Europe’therefore tightening emission standards

The Mercedes brand lately committed to Ambition 2039 and aims to provide you a C02 impartial new car fleet in less than 20 years. Included in Ambition 2039, Mercedes has also committed to forging a carbon neutral source chain. The Mercedes plant in Marienfelde seems to have an assembly line for optional push modules for vehicles. Regrettably, it won’t be sufficient to conserve bulk of the jobs at the factory.

Check out Tesla’s trendy new recruitment movie for Giga Berlin jobs under!

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