Tesla pushes Sentry Mode update to optimize alarms for multiple break-in attempts



A Tesla proprietor who was among the first to receive an upgrade for Sentry Mode has submitted a movie about optimizations that the electric automobile maker implemented only days following the safety system was initially introduced. As noted by the Model 3 proprietor, it appears that Tesla has addressed a few aspects of improvement which arose during the new feature’s rollout.

It did not take long before the Tesla community began testing the features of their recently-released attributes, which have been introduced as part of this 2019.5.1 upgrade. In an extensive review of Sentry Mode following its initial release, for example, YouTuber Tesla Raj noted that push notifications for his mobile phone were absent if his car entered the “Alarm” state. In addition, he observed that some of Sentry Mode’s features, like the automobile ’s alarms, did not kick in after attempts.

Dog Mode’so use with Sentry Mode also had several areas of development. The two new features could be used side by side, which is perfect, but when Sentry Mode participated while Dog Mode was active, the screen would change into HAL 9000’s daunting “eye” along with Tesla’s caution display , then turn off after 1 minute. Dog Mode’s display, that informs passersby that pets are safe within the car, did not turn back on even after Sentry Mode passed the 1-minute mark.

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Providentially, that the Model 3 proprietor was able to receive an upgrade (2019.5.3) which Tesla instantly rolled out after the initial Sentry Mode launch. With this upgrade, the Tesla owner opted to test out the new features . As could be observed at a recent YouTube upload, it appears that Tesla has addressed Sentry Mode’s alarms during several break-in attempts. This results in the automobile being able to make the most of Sentry Mode’s full array of “Alarm” state features multiple occasions in a row. For vehicles which are parked on the side of the street, such a system would prove useful. 

Dog’s Mode along with also Sentry Mode’s synthesis was smoothed out, with all the pet-friendly feature seemingly overwriting the safety system when participated. This results in Dog Mode keeping its display. Dog’s Mode’s fonts are somewhat bigger and much more readable with 2019.5.3 as well. Yet, a few of the 2019.5.1 upgrade ’s regions of advancement stay, for example push notifications over the Tesla mobile app, which can be still absent. Very similar to the Model 3 proprietor ’s observations by 2019.5.1, the blind spot chime also appeared to be absent in 2019.5.3.

Tesla’s Sentry Mode comes as a way to help owners maintain their vehicles safe after reports of break-ins against the firm ’s electric cars began seeing a rise. In the San Francisco Bay Area alone, police reports examined by Teslarati involving the firm ’s electric vehicles demonstrated that some thieves had been rewarded with generous spoils, for example a number luxury watches along with premium gadgets.

Watch a review of Tesla’s 2019.5.3 upgrade to Sentry Mode from the movie below.

Here’s Tesla Raj’s initial review of Sentry Mode as wrapped outside in 2019.5.1.

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