Tesla Reportedly Trying To Build Its Own Battery Cells



Battery cells are a crucial element for Tesla as its electric cars would basically be a enormous paperweight without them. The business has relied on partner Panasonic to offer the battery cells for its vehicles. A new report claims that Tesla is trying to construct its own battery cells in a laboratory in an attempt to decrease its dependence on Panasonic with this crucial component.

CNBC reports that Tesla is focusing on manufacturing its own cells. If it’s able to do this efficiently, Tesla will have the ability to provide customers. It will be able to do this without having to cover or share data with an outside partner.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated previously that the business was “battery-constrained. ” What this signifies is that the company’s production and sales of vehicles was held back by a lack of batteries as well as the ones of its Powerwall along with Powerpack energy storage systems.

If the business becomes capable of creating its own battery cells, then it might go a very long way in creating Tesla as vertically integrated as you can, an aim that Musk has had for a long time. The report cites that Tesla workers are conducting research on battery cell production in ldquo & a;rdquo skunkworks laboratory &; close to Tesla’s auto factory in Fremont, California.

The workers are currently working on designing and designing advanced lithium ion cells as well as equipment and procedures which allow the cells to be produced by the company .

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