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Tesla reveals latest Model Y electric SUV


Tesla Model Y electric SUV

Elon Musk‘s car brand Tesla has unveiled its latest and”safest” all-electrical  Model Y crossover SUV, which is expected to go on the market in Autumn 2020.

The fully electrical , mid-size SUV is the business’s second mass-produced electric car, after the Model 3.

It was unveiled by the billionaire entrepreneur during an event at Tesla‘s design studio in Hawthorne, California, last night, 14 March 2019.

“It has the functionality of an SUV, but it will ride like a sports car,” Musk said at the function. “This thing will be really tight on corners.”

Tesla reveals latest Model Y electric SUV

Cheaper than the Model X SUV, and larger than the Model 3, the Model Y automobile is going to be the electric carmaker’s fifth model.

A high-efficiency powertrain and ultra-responsive motors will allow the car to reach zero to 60 miles per hour (mph) in just 3.5 seconds, reaching a top speed of around 150 mph.

Prices for the Model Y will start at $39,000 (£29,400) for a Standard Range version, boasting a battery assortment of 230 miles.

However customers will need to wait until Spring 2021 before they can buy the standard model. More expensive versions of this car with longer battery range will go on sale first in Autumn 2020.

This includes the Long Range version for $47,000 (£35,500), which will have the ability to travel up to 300 miles on a single charge, the Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive model for $51,000 (£38,500), and the Performance version for $60,000 (£45,300).

Tesla reveals latest Model Y electric SUV

Designed for”maximum versatility and safety”, Musk claims that the Model Y will be”the safest midsize-SUV in the world by far.”

“Built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, the low centre of gravity, rigid body structure and large crumple zones provide unparalleled protection,” the company explained.

According to Tesla, the aerodynamic design of the Model Y and its battery technologies make it highly efficient in terms of energy usage, allowing drivers to travel farther with less energy compared to other electric vehicles on the market.

Raised seating and a panoramic glass roof provide a more spacious feel to the inside, and give an expansive view from all seven seats in the car.

Further storage is offered at a boot, or backward, at the front and split-folding second-row seats — a total of 1.9 cubic meters (66 cubic feet).

Like the Model 3, no keys are required for the Model Y. Instead, the car connects to the driver’s smartphone for entry and exit, and features a 15-inch touchscreen interface inside that is used to control the vehicle.

The Model Y will also have the ability to connect to the Tesla Mobile app to allow features such as remote unlocking, autonomous parking and location tracking.

Tesla reveals latest Model Y electric SUV

Model Y are also compatible with Tesla’s Supercharger system — the”world’s fastest” charging stations for electric cars, which include over 12,000 Superchargers across 36 nations.

Tesla was mired in controversy last year after an Apple employee was sadly killed in a crash that occurred whilst a Tesla Model X automobile was in self-drive mode.

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