Tesla rolls out ‘Dog Mode’ to protect pets from hot cars while informing passersby of their safety



Tesla released a brand new feature known as ‘Dog Mode’ which intends to keep unattended pets within a vehicle in a comfortable temperature whilst at the same time informing passersby of the safety.

It may take a matter of moments for a vehicle’s inside cabin temperature to grow for dogs and other pets that are left with no air conditioning turned on into deadly amounts. Hundreds of puppies die from heatstroke as a result of the owners leaving them within a vehicle while running out for a ‘ fast errand each year.

Tesla’s ‘Dog Mode’ attribute seems to ease this by keeping a vehicle’s (Model S, Model X, Model 3) climate control on when the vehicle is turned off. This update appears to be an expansion of this Overheat Cabin Protection amenity that the company released in 2016 as part of its Version 8.0 over-the-air update at the moment. While Overheat Cabin Protection is designed to intermittently trigger a vehicle’s air conditioning and stop the cottage from surpassing 105 Fahrenheit (40 Celsius) whenever the car is off, Dog Mode can maintain a driver-selected temperature. This includes both cooling and heating.

Dog Mode may notify passersby of the protection of the pets by exhibiting a large message on the center touchscreen of a Model S, Model X and Model 3, which reads “My owner will be. Don’t worry! The A/C is on and it s [fever ]” and display the temperature setting on display. It’s worth noting that the message will update depending on whether the automobile ’s climate controller requires cooling or heating . “Don’t worry! The heater is on and it s [fever ]” reads the message.

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Tesla Dog Mode Release Note 

Keep your dog comfortable in your auto while letting folks passing by know that they don’t need to be worried with Dog Mode. Besides keeping the climate control on, the camera will display the cabin temperature. To enable Dog Mode, tap the fan icon in the base of the touchscreen as soon as your car is parked. Set Keep Climate On to DOG, make alterations in temperature limits depart knowing your pet will stay comfortable. Dog Mode will stay on after you leave your car. You’ll receive a notification on your cellular program if you less than 20 percent are reached by your own battery charge.

Note: Check local laws for any restrictions on leaving pets. 

The Way to Activate Tesla Dog Mode

Tap the fan icon in the bottom of the touchscreen Once the vehicle is parked
Toggle Keep Climate On to “DOG”
Adjust temperature with the up or down arrow

Introducing Dog Mode: place a cottage temperature to keep your dog comfortable while letting passersby know that they don't need to worry pic.twitter.com/xFU6MGZT53

— Tesla (@Tesla) February 14, 2019

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