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Tesla rolls out “Express” and “Direct Drop” vehicle delivery option to adjust to changing times


Tesla has enlarged its car delivery options to adapt into the ever-changing conditions because of the epidemic.

Customers looking to take delivery of a Tesla can choose between an “Express,” “Direct Drop,” or “Tesla Direct” method.

The company rolled out its Tesla Direct application as a way by dropping off the car right to send vehicles to customers within an manner that was hassle-free.

Express Delivery

Customers opting for the Express Delivery will check-in in a pre-arranged delivery center and also be directed to their automobile through their Tesla program ’s place monitoring tool. New owners will be able by abiding by the program ’ s real-time map to find their vehicle on-premise.

“All documents will wait in the car with highlights suggesting where to sign. After you’re ready to get on the street, only pass your documents to the advisor in the exit for inspection, and we’ll mount a temporary tag and license plate, then ” notes Tesla.

Yep, order online at https://t.co/46TXqRrsdr in two mins & car delivered directly to house https://t.co/7ax8MwzBWx

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 1, 2019

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Tesla Direct Drop

To adapt to the changing environment due to coronavirus, Tesla has executed a totally touchless delivery encounter, which a brand new owner lately vlogged roughly .

Tesla will drop off the car to the position. No interaction is needed, and the customer will complete all required paperwork by themselves. A customer can get access by unlocking it via Tesla’s program that is cellular.

Customers opting to take delivery through the convenient Direct Drop method will need to get paperwork and all payment . “You are required to send any remaining paperwork in the automobile with a delivery envelope within one day . 3rd party lending and trade-in customers are not yet qualified for this experience,” says Tesla in a blog post that details its upgraded Delivery Options.

Tesla Direct Drop can be found from the following markets:

New Jersey
Washington, DC

To learn more about the various Tesla Delivery Options available, for example its Carrier Direct application, see the firm ’s website post.

In certain markets, Tesla has also enlarged these choices into its service model. We’ve added a video showing how one Tesla proprietor experienced a touchless service appointment aimed at adapting to the changing atmosphere.

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