Tesla rolls out live status update for cars in service in latest mobile app push



As part of Tesla’s efforts to improve its clients ’ ownership experience, the car maker is launching a new feature.

The app will indicate the status of the vehicle being serviced, with ” “ in support “ waiting for parts, ” and “ indicators that are ready for pickup ”. Tesla owners will be informed with date and an estimated time of completion for their support appointment. A notification will be pushed informing owners that their Model S, X, or Model 3 is ready to be picked up when service is completed.

Tesla’s new mobile app feature provides status updates about while a car is in service. (Credit: Tesla)
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This mobile app feature provides Tesla owners. Having up-to-date information about the progress of the work being done on their electric cars will also help Model S, Model X, and Model 3 owners get some peace of mind, as they will know that active efforts are underway to address their vehicles’ needs.

In a blog post, Tesla noted that it is increasing its investment in its support system, and that it is working on improving its services until such time it can deliver same-day, maybe same-hour support. The business also notes by us coming rather service will be performed “. ” Tesla further guaranteed owners that there will be considerable service availability in any country where it operates.

Tesla has rolled out improvements to its support community . By way of example, the business started launching in-house body stores in select locations in the United States. Improvements such as live issue detection while vehicles are in operation also have been hinted at by the CEO. Musk also iterated that Tesla is currently focusing on increasing its Mobile Service fleet, which allows the company to conduct maintenance and basic repairs in the comforts of an owner’s home or office.

It should be noted that these new cellular service status updates sets a high bar for Tesla, as owners will most definitely not enjoy seeing their vehicles stuck waiting for components ” for quite a long time. Considering that Tesla’s fleet is expected to grow significantly with the introduction of the $35,000 Model 3, the organization will have to put a lot of work in ensuring its vehicles can get the essential support from a service network that’s both robust and efficient.

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