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Tesla rolls out ‘Passenger Face Vent’ feature for improved efficiency


Tesla has begun the broad rollout of a fresh “Passenger Face Vent” feature in the latest 2020.28.5 over-the-air software update that aims to increase energy efficiency and increase range.

The rollout, initially to Tesla Model Y vehicles only, will restrict climate control to the driver if a passenger is not detected.

The release notes to your ‘Passenger Face Vent’ update states:

“Your automobile will automatically disable the passenger face vents if no passenger is discovered, lowering energy consumption in warm weather. This vent can be manually enabled by tapping in which you’d enjoy the passenger face vent to guide air inside the climate control panel. ”

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The usage of weather and conditioning control may decrease the efficiency of any car. Employing air conditioning is vital during the months to maintain a cozy cockpit. Nonetheless, it is unnecessary to have vents working in the vicinity of seats which aren’t occupied by someone.

Tesla’s update aims to have vents stay operational if passenger seats are occupied inside the Model Y. The vehicle will use in-seat sensors to determine occupancy.

Based on Teslafi.com, a site dedicated to tracking software upgrades, the 2020.28.5 update can be found across all vehicle models, together with the initial installations happening on July 20. On the other hand, the Passenger Face Vent feature is only available inside the Model Y, based on NotATeslaApp.com.

While the update yields only energy savings, then it validates Tesla’s commitment to an incremental improvement to efficiency. By enhancing efficiency, Tesla can also lower the amount of cells required thereby lowering overall costs and improving margins.

Changes within the way Tesla’s vehicles utilize energy could lead to large-scale efficiency savings later on.

The latest 2020.28.5 update also added Polish language configurations, along with regular improvements and bug fixes.

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