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Tesla seat sensors could be used to improve smartphone Bluetooth handoff


The transition out of a mobile phone to Tesla’s Bluetooth system might become simpler with the assistance of the firm ’s built-in seat occupancy sensors. The idea was a proposal from Tesla owner Rob Hoehn.

Hoehn wrote: “When a Tesla is unlocked and you’re at the middle of a telephone, it s eager to change the sound over to the car. This can be frustrating if you’re at the middle of a telephone and you aren’t even inside the car. Or if you’re near the vehicle and someone else gets in the car something occurs. Suggestion: use the seat occupancy detector to check whether the driver is at their seat. Once the seat is busy , then change the Bluetooth sound on to the car. ”

The notion was met with plenty of service on r/TeslaMotors and has been the most upvoted Tesla idea in the thread. Hoehn then decided to discuss his idea using Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who was enthused about the notion. “We should have done this ages ” Musk wrote in a reply talk to Hoehn.

Thank you for mentioning! We should’ve done this ages ago.

— Buff Mage (@elonmusk) January 14, 2020

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Other Tesla owners threw out developments on the heels of Musk’therefore answer. One owner said the transition from music streaming programs was demanding and caused minutes of silence since the car transitioned to Bluetooth within the vehicle speakers.

Car should change to websites from in case you&rsquo. Whenever I was listening to Spotify thru the vehicle program, I needed to change over first ahead of the car picked up the telephone, which resulted in lots of ldquo;would you hear me now!? ” haha

— Viv 🐉 (@flcnhvy) January 14, 2020

From speaking on a telephone into a car transitioning speaker program seems to be a problem in most automobiles. In traditional combustion engine automobiles, the cell phone will change over to the car speakers on making the transition easier when the motor is switched. There is no key to turn or switch to push at a Tesla to trigger its engine, nevertheless. Once an owner is from the Bluetooth variety of their car, the phone can automatically connect to the speaker program when the driver isn’t in the vehicle.

The use of a Bluetooth system which will rely on seat sensors could be the solution for this matter. The Bluetooth system wouldn’t trigger unless the driver’s seat has been occupied with an individual being and wouldn’t connect into the automobile ’s speaker program if the owner is near the car.

Tesla has utilized its seat sensors . The company filed a patent in January 2019 which would utilize the sensors to ascertain what airbags will be beneficial for a particular passenger’s size and framework in the event of an accident. The sensors are a piece of equipment and they give Tesla free reign to increase its vehicles. While they have been employed for security improvements in the past, this feature will give Tesla owners ease of accessibility if using the Bluetooth feature to have a telephone call.

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